Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Perv-fighting rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg: They're out to kill me 

A Brooklyn Rabbi who has been outspoken about child molestation in the city's ultra-Orthodox Jewish community said yesterday he's been targeted with death threats.

Nuchem (Nathan) Rosenberg, 58, complained outside the 90th Precinct in Williamsburg that cops have ignored his pleas for help since the summer.

The threats were so frightening, Rosenberg said, that he closed down a hotline he had set up in February 2007 for victims of abuse.

"And I am still afraid for my life, even though the hotline is closed, because they are still after me," Rosenberg said.

The NYPD confirmed that Rosenberg has gone to cops three times since July but said there is little they can do.

The threats came after a rabbinical decree, in the form of flyers written in Hebrew, popped up across Williamsburg in August calling him a liar, Rosenberg said.

"If you see him, scream [dirty Jew], [evil person], [immoral] & spit on him," read one text message sent to Rosenberg's phone.

Death threats came in calls to his cell phone, he said.

Sexual abuse in the Hasidic community is rarely discussed and not commonly prosecuted in secular courts.

In one unusual case, Rabbi Yehuda Kolko, a teacher at Brooklyn's Yeshiva Torah Temimah in Brooklyn, was charged with sexual abuse in 2006. He ultimately pleaded guilty to child endangerment.

Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) has recently begun collecting his own stories of pedophilia in the ultra-Orthodox world and claims he has "hundreds" of complaints against rabbis and other Orthodox leaders.

In September, a psychologist stepped down from a task force that Hikind formed to explore the problem, saying he had been threatened. "I was prosecuted in the street for daring to join such a venture," Dr. Benzion Twerski told Jewish Week.

"We all live here in prison," Rosenberg said. "We can't talk about what is bothering us."


If there is one "honorable" person in Willaimsburg NY it's none other than the famous Rabbi Nochum Rosenburg Shlita an INDIVIDUAL who is full of the truth (EMES) OUT SPOKEN and helpful to many teens and their families.

What happen was that he decided to help some teens who where molested by some big and famous guns, knowing that they are very powerful and viscous, still he did a great job putting them in their place.

Unfortunately there are those who are community leaders who where next on this list to be put in their place like have them arrested or put behind bars etc. so they jumped on the ban wagon to get signatures from so called Rabbis( Ra Bonim) who only heard one side of the story they would not gib Nucham a chance to defend hin self and came out with something like a Charim against Rabbi Rosenburg.

If there is anybody out there who can help a fellow Yid continue his Avodas HaKodesh, and cares for Kovod Shomyim, please feel to do what ever is in your power to get his hot line going again, protect him etc.

We know that Hashem is the only one who can help out more than any Askin or police dept. so As a Tefilas Rabim we ask Hashem PLEASE HELP !!!

This is not a joke if it was Chas Vsholom your child who was hurt you would understand why we nee Nucham.

Nucham dont give up Hashem is on your side.



nice post


Honestly, if that wound is really a gunshot wound he would've been long dead.


The proof in the pudding is that (Rabbi) Reichman still works in the classroom endangering children on a daily basis despite the publicity, because the Yeshiva a.k.a. Ra Bonim care to do nothing but protect the perpetrator rather than the kids.


Nuchem wake up from your dream. You just bumped your in your sleep against the night table.


You know, if people acted the way they should, and did not put children in harms way, then there wouldn't be a need for any of this in the first place.


Even if you were to say that Rabbi Rosenberg is full of fluff, the fact that so much is coming to the fore because of Rabbi Horowitz, Dov Hikind, Rabbi Twerski, et.al., must be a wake up call to reality. So many people are so good at shoving problems under the rug.


Nochum is # 1 in the World


I think that a lot of the proclamations claiming that internet and text messaging are wrecking homes and lives, signed by the famous rabbinic names, are intended to distract us from the real destroyers. Kids often drop out of yeshivos after abuse, or after being picked on by incompetent and harsh yeshiva administrators. Because the yeshiva administrators cannot face their own failings, they get the big names to protect them and look to blame others.


Nochum,youre a nut. You want to start up with the yeshiva Mafia? you wanna die? what for? let the parents and"ASS konim" take care of it.or better yet,lets call back the old Council Of jewish Organizations of Boro Park.aka COJO you remember those clowns? and shysters? let those ganovim take care of this problem.They re good at problem solving,in the community. Nuchem,stay out!


Anonymous 11/19 7:42 PM:

note that your comments sound suspeciously like a threat. Be wary.


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