Monday, November 24, 2008

Twelve New York City Transit workers getting paid to stand around 

Twelve New York City Transit workers stand and watch while no work is done. Then fares are raised because the MTA has no money.

this is how Unions have destroyed this country. Cities and Governments are bullied by them and blackmailed into paying people what they don't deserve. The city probably doesn't have a choice. It probably says in some union handbook that for this type of subway repair they need two people to point the drivers around, two people to pick their nose, two people to keep adjusting the cones, two people to look for traffic, and two people to do the actual work.


They are waiting for a train to pass. As soon as the train is past they will get back to work.

Would you rather they shut down the entire subway line to do some minor repairs?

It is true that city/union work tends to be inefficient with lots of extra people around doing nothing, but this is not a good example.


They are unionized. They are required to take breaks and do nothing every so often under union rules. I've seen this also in private industry where the workers are unionized.


there was a minor lirr derailment at jamaica yesterday. they probably got more workers on duty to help out in case of problems down the lines


Oh please they're allowed a break!


oh my you neer go for lunch?


To the poster you should be ashamed. They are probably on break. Is this how a Jew is supposed to act, making false accusations?


this was right in front of shomer shabbos,be dan lkaf zchus, they probably went in 2 daven mincha!


I witnessed this "inaction" too, on the McDonald Ave tracks, several workers standing around while 2 or 3 were working. By the way, it was on Yom Tov, so we couldn't call 311, but they were scraping away at the tracks and wooden pieces were flying down onto pedestrians. They did not block off the area or secure it in any way.


true, to the poster if you dont know exactly whats going on (lunch break-train coming) you should not make assumptions


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