Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Astoria Federal Savings Bank safe robbery update 

According to a source, the amount of safe deposit boxes robbed from the vault at Astoria Federal Savings Bank on East 2nd Street and 18th Avenue in Boro-Park was sixty out of their twenty-nine hundred boxes. According to the source, the larger boxes were the ones that were hit. There is currently about a two hour wait to get in to check safe deposit boxes at the bank.

yup I was there this morning the line was out the door


wow...scary stuff...the deposit boxes better be insured...


They are not insured unless you have your own insurance.


The tool referred to in the NY Post article is called a Kerry Coil. It was originally designed for underwater construction and demolition work. It is the most powerful cutting tool known to man and can turn granite stone to liquid in SECONDS. It is used by safe and vault technicicans as a tool of last resort for majar bank-vault lock-outs. Generally speaking, the sale and rental of the Kerry Coil is under STRICT monitoring and regulation. The full patent text and photos are available at USPTO.GOV-- but NOT under that name.


the bank together with thr NYPD should both be held responsibile. The NYPD officers that responded to the alarm going off,didnt do a thorough search,and bother to check the source of the reason why the alarm went off. They stopped for a few minutes,looked around from the outside of the bank,saw no suspicious activity,and left. Without bothering to look on the roof or anywhere else,all the while the thieves were ripping off the boxes inside.And the bank was also warned a day before the break in about suspicious activities taking place on the roof of the bank,but the bank paid no attention to the warning.


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