Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Boro-Park grocery reportedly stoops to lowbrow unsavory marketing techniques 

Reports are coming in that a Boro-Park grocery store is resorting to a new low of unsavory marketing practices. According to these reports, the grocery is calling customers of their nearby competing grocery store with offers of better price and service if they switch where they shop for food. Now that's low even for Boro-Park business standards.

Oh ya? what about selling Ahava cheese for half price instead of taking it off the shelves? Why not infect children and elderly with salmnella? can they get any lower?


Unsavory. Well, I'm going to report on something I saw about 8 years ago, and it bothered me then that I didn't tell someone, anyone, but now I will.

The owner who did this probably thought no one was watching, but Hashem was watching. And so was I.

Right at the secondary entrance to the subway at the King's Highway stop on the Q and B train, there is a store that sells kosher food. It is next to a hole in the wall pizza place. It is across the street from the main entrance to the subway stop, the side closer to the lower letters and Avenue M.

Anyway, I was in the store looking at dairy things, and an owner (How do I know he was an owner? Because I had seen him many times before, and he was just standing around talking to another employee in a manner that suggested it. He was next to a table that had a variety of small items in small see-through round containers (sort of like the containers one buys Breakstone cottage cheese in , only transparent).

At one point while talking to the other guy, he accidentally brushed against a container that contained something ground-up. I couldn't tell if it was a spice, or maybe some rice, or some kind of really small particulate type of stuff. And the container fell, it opened, and about a third to a half of the stuff came out.

Rather than calling over an employee to clean it up and toss it out, the guy BENT DOWN, STARTED GATHERING IT IN HIS PALMS AND PUTTING IT BACK IN THE CONTAINER ALONG WITH WHATEVER dust or other matter lay on the floor. When he finished, he closed the container and put it back where it was.

I was speechless. I wished I had a movie camera running.

So, there you have it. Hashem watches, and sometimes his creations do to. And sometimes they have mouths.


OR costco chicken "trief" boro park is the worst


How does the store know the name and number of the person who shops at the other store? I've been shopping at one BP grocer for years, and I don't think he knows my name.
How is his competitor going to find out?


With all due respect, how is that different from letters from Verizon to cable customers and vice versa? The letters try to entice customers of the other service to switch based upon price and/or customer service.


To #2: I was at a wedding a couple of years ago and one of the waiters tripped on the way out of the kitchen with a tray of chicken, rice & vegtables, the tray fell and went all over the dirty wet floor but he caught himself. All he did was get a spoon scoop it up put on some more food to make it look nice, and just went out and served it.


To Anonymous 2: Incidents similar to those happpen daily in the world.
I was by a simcha and the head waiter told all the waiters that if anything falls make sure that nobody sees and just pick it up and put it where it belongs (and he didn't mean the garbage).




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