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Hamodia Newspaper - Setting the double-standard in Frum media 

Just a short while ago if you Googled the word hamodia and clicked on the first link from your query, you were directed to a simple place-holder site with the words "We will not be publishing an internet Edition of the paper."

However, that has all changed now. With the growing popularity of the internet, even within the Heimishe community, the Hamodia has realized that by not publishing an online edition they miss out tapping into an otherwise lucrative market. By beefing up their online presence, although their online news, like their print news, is far from award-winning, they nevertheless hope to use their web-site to reel in subscribers to their print edition.

Aside from the obvious hypocrisy by the Hamodia of going back on their original self-righteous condescending visionless words, there is an even deeper flaw here. For some reason it just plain smacks of chutzpa when a newspaper that refuses to accept advertisements for web-sites goes right ahead and builds a site of their own. The overwhelming message here seems to be that the Hamodia is adamantly against the use of the internet until they can use it as a way to profit from it for themselves.

You certainly can't be surprised, when it comes to $$$$$ everything else goes out the window. Goyim have been saying that about Yidden for centuries, it's distressing to see that it's true.


it seems to me, that originally they didnt want to have a website, because it would cause people to use the internet. they also didnt take advertisements for websites, because that too, would cause people to use the internet. both of these things, were holding hamodia back from making more money.

now, it seems that they have had second thoughts. it could be for only 2 reasons.
1. they are greedy pigs, who only want to make more money
2. they realize everyone is using it anyway, so why not?

it doesnt matter what the reason is. but if they really are greedy pigs, wouldnt they also start taking advertisments for websites?

if they dont, then we see that they are not greedy pigs, but merely changing their mission statement.

if they do start taking ads, then it is also for one of the 2 reasons listed above.

but the main thing is: WHO CARES????

so they changed their mind, big deal. youve never compromised on a moral issue before? (if you say you haven't, you're lying, and that itself compromises your morals)


no surprise at all. for those that know it's all about ger (aka; gerrist)making money and if that's what it takes, then they will be the first hypocrites to do it/shorr is also ger so don't forget


hamodia is finally showing their true colors, that they are hypocrits.
I want to know when binah magazine (who is owned by hamodia) is gonna start showing their true colors?


What do you expect from a bunch of primitive troglodytes ?
I suggest that all true primitive Yidden convert to Amish. At least they don't compromise their religion.


you are all on the internet so why are you judging? I live out of town and only get the weekly paper. I would love to be able to get the daily. And if by them being online allows people outside the NY area to be able to have access to the daily what it wrong with that. I understand that they set their principals higher and did not want to be part of the internet and what it stands for, but what you and they did not understand is that by having "kosher" information online we don't have to look elsewhere. Most print media of all shapes and sizes have been going to online versions because the access to the most amount of people is easier. So Hamodia might have been a hold out but eventually all will get online.


I'm addressing this to "Out of Towner" -- I have no objection to what you say, and I'm happy you'll be able to read Hamodia online. But the reality is that when Hamodia proclaimed loudly that they're on a higher madreiga than the rest of us because WE go on the internet and they won't lower themselves to do the same. And then they do a complete about face and state they will publish on the internet after all we become contemptuous of them because that's the very definition of hypocrisy.




everything is GELT !!! and yes they're a bunch of chazeirim !!!


I was going to say that the reason they don't accept advertisements for web sites (and what does that mean? They don't allow advertisers to list a www site?)was because they still had some standards.

Then, I thought that maybe they were just differentiating the market. In other words, those who use the internet would go to the internet, while those who only use kosher paper would not have their eyes polluted by seeing www in print.

And then , I thought, are frum readers people that would really care if an advertisement also listed the letters "www?"

So, now, I've concluded that the publishers are simply stupid.


Im not sure how "We will not be publishing an internet version of the paper" is in your words-"self-righteous condescending visionless words, there is an even deeper flaw here" or what the flaw is ??
PS. For someone who talks about real writing, visionless is not a real word.....


b.t.w. if there are any israeli americans who read this, they know exactly what hamodia's real colors are ,i mean ,coming from isreal they (ger) monopolies everything in the chareidi world it's about time we know who is running the show


To the Anonymous poster of February 18, 10:28pm -- "visionless" is most certainly a word and the way you tried to make Chaptzem look stupid for using it only made you look uneducated.


wanna know why they wont take an internet ad?
cuz it will be direct compition to them.

frum news sites are all killing their paper sales.

what faker lowlives.

mrs lichtenstein is daas torah.

go figure


does this mean we might actually now see a picture of a woman in hamodia???
Hamodias news is slanted. they write articles about people who started putting on tfillin on men who never have in the past..and women who started recently giving out candles for other woemn to bentch licht Friday night. when I pointed out to them, as did many others, that the Rebbe of Chabad was the pioneer in this, they just ignore it.


Thats Hamodia for you. It kills them that Mishpacha has managed to be accepted by the mainstream despite having a website and 'opn' magazine. First they tried playing the 'holier than thou' card, when that didn't work, they are trying this.

Mrs. L wants to conquer the world!!!


ruthie and mrs roth and avrumy heshel are falling over themselves in their haste to be holier than thou....

until the almighty dollar.


What a tragic time for Torah camp! If they, the last bastion of kedusha in what we read, have falled this low, then the internet has completely won.

A shame.


please note that all of you who are putting down Hamodia and the publisher know NOTHING AT ALL about the paper or Mrs. Lichtenstein. Hamodia is not just a newspaper. All other newspapers are newspapers, either you read them and if you miss a day, no big deal, you will read it some other time. I read some of the comments and I completely agree with the so called Green Calf that is being worshipped today in our world. However, in the case of Hamodia, all you posters against the paper are worshipping Green as well but it is envy. Envy that Hamodia is much more than a paper. It is a way of life. People cannot get through one day without having Hamodia in their home. They live, breathe and inhale Hamodia on a daily basis and all year round. And that my dear friends is what eats all of you up. Hamodia does not do anything out of spite or because other papers have done this so they will do it too. It is backed by Gedolim and has only brought true yiddishkeit into thousands and thousands of homes and lives. One walks away a better Yid after reading the Hamodia. Time to take a good look at yourselves and admit which Green Calf you are really bending down to...I already know the answer. Shouldn't you? Time to be honest and work on getting that green monster off your backs. and admit that Hamodia is and will always be Numero Uno!


Great last comment by the Gerrer PR police. Backed by Gedolim? Internet? Baloney. Everyone knows that the paper that won't write the words 'Hillary' or 'Condi' are so hopelessly out-of-touch with real issues and concerns as to make them IRRELEVANT.

They are constantly trumpeting their 'kedusha' and 'mashgiach' and now they, of all people, open a website, not Yated,Mishpacha or Hamevasser. They are worried sick that Hamevaser, which has quickly rendered their Israeli colleagues useless, will open an English paper, something that they are considering seriously, and wipe them off the map.

The yare constantly looking over their shoulder and the whole paper is one long self-congratulatory rant.


I was just by a bus-stop and I saw someone inhaling Hamodia. He said that he couldnt breathe without it.

I saw someone else running to the hills with a battery-powered transistor radio, some bottled water and a Hamodia. He said he couldn't function without it.



While I have no doubt that economics played into the decision to go on-line, I think that most of the comments here say more about the posters than about the paper.

I've been reading it for a while, and it's a decent paper, even when looking at it from a journalistic point of view.

They've been struggling with the internet issue for a while already. In fact, one of the articles in their 10th anniversary edition addressed the issue head on. It's quite obvious from what was said there - and at that point they were saying that they don't see themselves with an internet version any time soon, that they came to the (correct) conclusion that people using the internet for news are going to use it , and use it broadly, Hamodia or not, so that their presence on the web is not going to affect anyone's web use anyway.

Nothing they would have done would have sat well with a lot of the posters here - going on line is "hypocrisy" and not is benighted and extremist etc.


I agree with observer. I wonder what causes some of the people posting here to have so much anger and animosity?
Isn't that self righteous?


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