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On Sunday, March 1, 2009, Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) will host a community-wide event entitled, A Morning of Chizuk (support) to show solidarity with victims of sexual abuse in the Orthodox Jewish community, and to provide information to concerned citizens. The program includes inspirational speeches and the recitation of tehillim (psalms).

Dr. Benzion Twerski; Rabbi Gershon Tannenbaum, Director of Iggud HaRabbanim; Shmelke Klein of Eitzah; and Rabbi Yerachmiel Milstein, Executive Vice President of Project Chazon, among others, will address the audience. “We are all guilty of not doing more to address sexual abuse in our community,” Hikind said. “The time has come to ask forgiveness from the victims and to pray for continued strength from God to combat this issue. I urge the community to join in this unprecedented event.”

A Morning of Chizuk will be held at the Boro Park Y, 4912 14th Avenue, at 11:00 AM. Separate seating will be available.

In furtherance of Hikind’s mission to educate the public about sexual abuse in the Orthodox community, Hikind will dedicate two radio shows on February 21st and 28th to interviewing two sex abuse victims from the Orthodox Jewish community.

During the course of the shows, Hikind intends to announce that the multi-faceted plan created by his task force to tackle sexual abuse is nearing completion. “We are putting the final touches on our plan to implement education, prevention, and intervention systems in homes, schools, camps, and the general community,” remarked Hikind. “Education and awareness are the only way to protect our children from predators.”

It does my heart such gladness that Hikind has found an issue he can cherish, run with, and, im yeertze hashem, run with all the way to the White House, and beyond.


Thnak you R' Dov. You give me faith in the potential of our community to perhaps to teshuva for forsaking us destroyed yiddishe neshomas for so long. Gut zol dich heetin in shtein tzu dain rechte hant in alles vos du tist. I hope to attend and will ask my friends who have also been victimized to attend. I wish the community at large will attend as well in a show of solidarity to what Dov has undertaken.


I openly state that Dov Hikind is and was, and will always be the best representative of the jewish community! To say more, a person who has no fare of what people think about him, or not scared to take on a mission that was for many years abanded, and or not afraid of not being re-elected is a true Gibor, and a true jew who is doing something L'shem Shamayim!



I urge all of you to grab your freinds, and bring them to the asifah. even if you haven't been a victim, come out and show support


My understanding was that Dr. Twerski was so threatened and intimidated and scared, for himself, his reputation and his family, that he had forever forsworn any participation in these types of things.

It's certainly good to have him on board again, but his sudden development of a spine, in addition to being a medical miracle, does raise some questions as to what evil forces are at work, and what has been done in the past few months to reduce or elimiate the threat they posed to Dr. Twerski's person, reputation and family.


why should dr.twerski be afraid? isnt there anyone in our community with guts enough to take on these preverts? they must be "outed " (be made public)just like the movie stars. and then destroyed. I dont care who they are whether rabbi,principal,"macher" board chairman,etc. they must be destroyed,so that our children,and adults will be protected from these sexual parasites. my goodness,what have we come to in 2009? it sure wasnt this way in the 1960's and 70's not in williamsburg or boro park.


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