Thursday, February 19, 2009

IN PROGRESS - Fire Department shuts down Lipa concert in Boro-Park 

First it was Avrohom Schor and now it's the New York City Fire Department. Major crowds packed themselves into the lobby of the Avenue Plaza Hotel on 13th Avenue in Boro-Park where a video screen was set up for a hookup of the live broadcast of the Nachum Segal Show taking place at Hi-Tech 2000 next door to the hotel. The show attracted an extra large crowd due to the featuring of his special guest for tonight Lipa Schmeltzer. The crazy massive crowd that showed up to watch the live broadcast prompted someone to call the Fire Department. They promptly showed up and told the people to leave the hotel, citing a fire hazard due to overcrowding as the reason.

May Hashem bless Lipa with continued success and may all the haters out there recognize lipa's heart of gold!


It's Poshiter Avoda Zara!


why don't these people get a life and leave lipa alone.


why don't these people get a life
and do somthing constructive rather
than go after lipa trying to make a living


Sorry I was at Hi-Tech 2000 during the live broadcast and Fireman came in to shut things down.
Don't know what you are talking about. Get your story straight.


B"H That Chillul hashem was stopped!Hashems messengers come in all shapes and forms!

Im sure there are some good messengers in place to destroy that big Mammed of Chiruf Ve'giduff that is said to take place of the fifth day of Adar Rachmuneh Litzlun!!!!


No fire dept, nothing was shut down.

There was a call down the block not in Hi-Tech 2000 and not in the Avenue Plaza Hotel.

Sorry for ruining your joy.
Lipa was at his best and just wait for March 1. This concert will blow every other concert to ground.

I have my tickets already hope you have yours.


Rabbi Schorr and the Fire Department are both in the busuness of preventing disasters on to the guf and one to the neshama. One b'ruchnius and ond b'gashmius. People wake up and realize that


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