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Just In - What really happened at the Lipa - Schorr wedding 

Many different versions about what exactly took place at the 'Big Mic Grabbing Event' have been circling around. Here are the details of what took place at the showdown according to many different confirmed sources that were present at the time.

Lipa Schmeltzer, who is long known to be a leidigeyer and troublemaker in the Frum community, who makes people miserable, has no real job and lives off others, was desperate to make this year's 'The Event' concert a success. In order to accomplish this he barged into the first simcha he came across in Boro-Park, ran up to the band, grabbed the mic and started to sing Goyishe songs. Upon hearing that the horrible sheigetz Lipa, who lost his pants last year for blindly listening to Rabbanim, was at the chasunah, everyone started yelling at him "Sheigetz Araus". But the loud and explosive Lipa refused to leave. Even after all the mechutanuim and machetenistas came rushing over for him to shut up and leave, he still refused.

It was at that moment that the patient, passive and self-controlled Avrohom Schorr saw that he could wait no longer and had to come and save this wedding. He grabbed his tzitzis said an ehrliche 'Shema Yisroel' and stormed the stage. Only Lipa was not going to give up that easily. He grabbed the mic, pointed it at Avrohom Schorr as if it were a gun and then told him to 'Heib Auf his Hentalech' to his tatteh in himmel.

Schorr grew panicked. He thought that was going to be the end of him. He would have no more shuls, no more yeshivas and no more bans to make. That was when, according to most accounts, he started yelling repeatedly, "gimme a mesechtas Avodah Zorah, gimme a mesechtas Avodah Zorah". He then grabbed the mic from Lipa and saved everyone at the chasunah hall and all their future generations from eternal damnation.

Lipa, seeing how the true derech HaTorah of Avrohom Schorr had saved everyone, was immediately turned to tshuvah and asked Schorr to be him mekarev. It was at that point that Schorr revealed to Lipa that he was never really a Yid and needed to be megayer kehalacha. At that point Lipa just said "Moichel Toives" and turned around and left.

And this is exactly how it all happened.

Just a little hint for the braindead folk, the above post is a satire. Duh!

Chaptzem, you should not have prevented an edited version.

You left out the part where Schorr asked Al Sharpton to intervene to protect the community from outside influences.


roflmao!!! great post ;-)
for those who cant figure it out its Rolling On Floor Laughing My *** Off


Good Job


Excellent pre purim entertainment!! Uh oh this may be banned too.


haha! awesome story!!! by the way the braindead folk don't even know what "satire" means!!!!


Actually I heard that Rabbi Schorr wanted to sing and Lipa beat him to the mic.


News Flash: to show there is no animosity between the Schorr and Schmeltzer families. They have agreed to a shiddich between Lipa's and Reb Avraham's children. The Real BIG event will be taking place soon. Bimhayro Vyumani OOmain SELAH. The only issue holding this up is that they are trying to find a location big enough for everyone's ego.


Lipa, with all due respect for his great pop music talents, is not doing us a favor with his style of entertainment. It may not excatly be avoda zarah, but definitely is chukos hagoyim, which should be enough in itself. Pop culture, which the purpose of, is unabashed and unrestrained releasing of animalistic-keit, is very much forbidden as chukos hagoy, and by extension, perhaps even does qualify as avoda zarah. If you ever wondered what happened to the goyishe world since the 50's, becoming so far-grebbt even according to their standards, just look at the beatle and the entire pop culture, on which the goying were growing up for the past 50 years. Does any of you want their children idolizing this form of music? Please apologize to Rabbi Schorr, and thank him for being moser nefesh for YOUR children and future generations.


To Anonymus 1:18

I couldn't agree with you more!
He is literaly killing our future generations!
People, wake up!
If this behavior will not be stopped and eradicated from the face of the yiddishe velt, who knows how the next generation will look like?!
There is a famous saying of R' Binim of Pashischeh;
Zei tzifreeden, Leiz ins ois als Yiden, Vee eider als Goyim Cholileh!!

We are not too far of that stage with pop stars like him.
May I conclude with a posuk in tehilim;

אתה ה' תשמרם תצרנו מן הדור זו לעולם!!!


i couldn't agree with you more either , isn't that all we want from the next generation to be abusive, violent and get physical whenever they don't like something,and ruin somebody's wedding be mevaze berabim and what not,f*** off now



Your last 3 words says it all!
That's the language used by his fans!


to 11:29
btw that's what shorr and his fans do they judge everybody


thanks for the laugh in the morning

i saw the clip thogh a bit blurry
i am so worried being that i dont follow this shor (habor) guy

dear chaptzem will i perish in hell or just "kaf hakelah for max of 11 months

from worried scared and doomed


To anon February 08, 2009 1:18 PM and anon February 08, 2009 2:36 PM
the issue is that you dont have anything that todays youth can follow musicaly,how will you compete with whats out there? Lipa might not be great but he does offer an outlet to thse disenfrachised youth who would otherwise listen to goyish music. Rather then banning the one outlet as many rabbanim did, and further alianating the youth, they should have steped up to the plate like the leaders theyre "supposed" to be and offer a real solution.


To 1:18 what happens when the rabbanim asor lipa and all other form of entertainment because its "goyish" or there "chukas hagoyim"what do you think teenagers will turn to without these outlets I promis you it wont be shwekey or boruch levine. Im 18trust someone who actually knows whats going on and not people who think they know better than everyone else.


to Eliezer from anon 1:18
You have a point, but i also think that you missed the point. if we are at the point where we need to provide a child with a quasi-kosher alternative to rock and pop and punk, something has gone wrong in a big way already. so essentially it boils down to choosing between which chemo-therapy will be easier on hair loss, but nebach anyway.

there is so much beautiful music out there, whether modzitz, chabad, breslov, and also pirche, that is simple, pure and without all the attending tzu-lozt-keit aka goyishkeit, if it is music that we want to give our kids.

unless it is goyishkeit dressed up with peios and fluorescent blue glasses, then you have a point.


Mechutzafim, it is spelled RABBI Schorr.
And maybe if you won't post all this Lashon Harah and especialy Motzie Shem Ra about our Gedolim, Moshiach could come.


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