Monday, February 09, 2009

Lost Tribe motorcycle club has one rule - Jewish pride 

The members of the Lost Tribe motorcycle club don't have any rules, leaders, membership fees, dues or commitments, but they do request one thing: Jewish pride.

Ed Forman and Michael I. Ashe, both avid motorcyclists, started the club five months ago. There are 18 members, and they are looking for more to join.

The Lost Tribe's name derives from the ancient tribes that disappeared when the kingdom of Israel was destroyed and remnants were exiled.

Jim Hibberd, cantor at Congregation Beth Chaverim since 1999, grew up riding dirt bikes and motorcycles. "My dad, Jim Sr., is 72 and he still rides. He turned me loose at 15," said Hibberd, who sometimes rides his 1985 BMW to Friday night services at the Reform temple, to teach Hebrew School on Sundays, and enjoys cruising with the Lost Tribe on Saturdays.

"You can ride if you want to or not. Some people just show up to schmooze," said Hibberd, 49. Group members plan to gather year-round at either Boneshakers or The Route 58 Delicatessen for an early morning nosh before hitting the road. "We ride to eat and eat to ride," said Ashe, an attorney.

Club members ride throughout Hampton Roads, exploring back roads, stop for lunch and head back, all in one day.


maybe the bike club at 55th and 13 can join them


This reminds me of one of my favorite topics. The "official" permission Conservative Judaism gives for its members to ride to shul in a car on Shabbat.

Can't ride anywhere else. No, no. But you can ride to shul in a car on shabbat.

Why is this my favorite? Because if I had to invent a machine to maximize the number of Torah-level violations of Shabbat, I could not design anything more efficient than a gasoline engine in a car.

How many times a second does a car engine light and extinguish gasoline?

Even hashem's malachim might have trouble keeping up with that count.


Anonymous 4:30 - Thanks for the negativity. You must work for Aish, or Oorah or something.



Because I think it's more important not to do 15,000 torah-prohibited commandments than to attend a conservative synagogue?


I sell talleisim and tefillin in Florida. I have had members of a Jewish Bikers club come to me many times for tefillin for men/boys they were mekarev.

So, don't be too fast to put them down.


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