Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Makes you wonder where those genes come from 

nebach, nebach,what a retarded father,or guardian,or whatever.and he even mentions his family name.Which planet did he land from?


This is abusive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


this poor child is obviously abused. or not well.
seriously, look at her.
someone needs to call child services.
if you know this family, please make an anonymous phone call to the police or child services asap.


What a sick ass father calling his daughter a retard. And where is the girls hair. this looks like an abusive situation. why is the a hole leaving her alone. This putz should be arrested.


the only thing that comes to my mind is w t f


she is obviously nebach a retarded child & the father is a first class jerk for leaving her alone (probably criminal) & FOR POSTING HIS IDIOCY with his name for all the world to see


Its an inane fixation with absurd separate milchig/fleishig kitchen counters that triggers similar mental breakdowns into producing this insipid video.
I hope the authorities use it to seize the children and place them in foster care.


the father made the video to use against the mother possibly in a divorce proceeding.


the child is down syndrome and should never have been left alone. none the less a child should never ever be called retarded this is a child abuse case and should be reported.


The father's discipline-enforcement skills are certainly not his forte.


Instead of all the loshon hora accusing the father or the child lets do a mithva and find out how to help the situation.


They say when something happens to someone close to you it hurts more. I know this family very well and i know the girl even better. The comments made above just show & prove how thing can get blown out of proprtion on the infamous blogosphere. The parents of this child are the most loving parents i have ever met. I dont wish on my worst enemy the situation they are in. This video was uploaded at least 2 years ago in order to send it to a few close freinds including myself. Knowing the little girl and her parents i had a good laugh. For those who feel that the authorities must be called, why dont you look around your own house and pay attention to how you diciplin your children and call the authorities on yourselves first. Look at the video as if you got it from your brother about his child and then comment.


We are a caring nation, why are we condemning the father, as opposed to offering assistance? Maybe there was nowhere to leave the child when the father went to daven, perhaps the neighbors were away. Maybe the father has custody and needs community help? The child DOES NOT look abused. The SITUATION looks like it needs to be addressed. If anyone recognizes the name/voice etc, how about offering help? All the high school girls volunteer, maybe they can be recruited so the father can go out to daven in peace.


this childs hair is ripped out call the cops now


what i really dont understand is why would chaptzem post this SAD video??? i am sure there are plenty ways to help the situation(that is if you guys really want to)other than putting it on here for the world to see


what the fuck is going on here. chaptzem, what animal posts this stuff on the internet, about his own child?! Loving Parents?! Are you out of your F(*^*& mind!?. This guy sould be burned at steak.
What the hell is wrong with you for embarrassing such a child who is obviously disabled or not well. Any parent that would make a video of this sh^%^% deserves thier children taken away from them. Better yet, I am calling the cops right now.


This video was NOT uploaded two years ago to You Tube, as the above poster said. It was uploaded YESTERDAY.


perhaps chris brown should have a little talk with his wife.


Chaptzem, You've stooped to a new low!!!
Shame on you for allowing such a post!!
Shame on you for not getting in touch with the authorities to have this child removed from this Siccos' care!


WTF you guys make assumptions like that.... This Kid is not abused at all. She is cute and funny. The father went to Daven but there were other People in the house just in Different rooms.

This kid is far from Abused. The lack Of hair is called CHEMO in English. And believe me as a family friend I WISH EVERY KID IN THE WORLD SUCH A LOVING AND CARING FATHER!!!!!


Shame on you, chaptzem. Why have you posted this??? It is obvious the father here is retarded to film this and post it on the net. This is abuse of the first order!!! Somebody should call the police IMMEDIATELY!!!


Wow! How quick you are to judge. I am a family friend and I gotta tell you, NONE of YOU would tolerate this kid for more than an hour. This mess is but a mere sampling of what she does, all of which, BTW her family accepts lovingly. Obviously if this clip was sent to family and friends it was because they wanted to share the humor, NOT to disgrace their child.

Of course in your narrow minds you can't understand and see the love and therefore you are all so quick to call child services--- LIKE THAT EVER GOT ANYONE, ANYWHERE-- Losers go back to your filthy language and judgemental narrowminded lives-- and gd should help that you never have a child like that because you definitely will not be able to control your instincts and we dont want to know what that poor child would look like.


I don't think the child seems abused, but, why would a father post such a video? And he certainly shouldn't call his daughter a retard even if she is slow. A child like that shouldn't be left alone at all. Where was her mother? If her hair looks pulled out, maybe the child did it to herself.


anon 2;37.
the very fact that the father is VIDEOTAPING his own developmenatlly disabled/sick child for amusement's sake is dissgusting and shows a MAJOR parenting issue that shouts a THOUSAND Words. there is no disputing that. you are a fraud. get the hell off this sight.


I am shocked by the disusting comments posted on this site. If there is any real problem in this situation, it is the disrespect and idiocy of you ppl!! This girl is the sweetest gril in the world and her parents are the two most dedicated parents in the world! Let me explain the situation... This girl has a condition you may have heard of.. its called CANCER! She is not abused, or down-syndrome, or any of the other suggestions you idiots mentioned. Every mintute of her life is a walking miracle and a testament to G-d's powers. Doctors predicted she wouldnt live past 1 year old. Boy were they wrong! Unfortunetly, she is quite difficult to take care of.. I know, I spent nearly 8 years helping her family with the task! The point of this video was to show those ppl who love her excatly what happens when you turn your back for a few minutes! I saw this video 2 years ago when it was taken and anyone who knows her or has every taken care of her can appreciate the humor in it. Her hair falls out while under Chemo threatments and her condition has cause numerous personality and attention deficit disorders. NOT ABUSE!! the sa part of this story are all you morons living in your closed minded worlds... thinking you are g-d's gift to humanity since you pretend to be good jews... in realty, you surf these site to find hock and give your opinion... lemme guess, you're probably in kollel or some other "upstanding" citizen of our society... do yourself a favor, go take care your your children and dont worry about other's... this child is lucky to be alive and her parents do wtvr they can to live normal lives.. shame on you!


why doesnt the father/brother/relative show his face too, did the child consent to this broadcast, what a disgrace, she obviously seems to have some health issues, (see how she walks)
SHAME on {Fill in the blanks}


tO Anonymous : February 11, 2009 11:55 AM: If totty has to go daven and there isn't anyone to watch the child, then perhaps TOTTY should stay HOME. He made the child, chas v'shalom he should take care of her? Second of all, frankly, it doesn't matter how wonderful and terrific you all think this man and his family are, whatever his reasons, a sane, normal, rational, loving parent does NOT call his child a retard.


if he said he went to daven mariv thats normally takes place at night. how were his kids in daycamp then .that seems to make no sense at all . the father sounds confused a bit


All you people who make assumptions about this video are sick. No not sick! EVIL! How in the world can you comment on a 3 minute video that you haven't a clue about. HAs anyone never heard of a home video!!! Could it possibly be that this video was not made to be viewed by the public. Why does everyone feel the need to accuse someone of doing something wrong. I don't know the story of this video, but I thought it was a cute home video, that people who know the family probably enjoyed. Has your child never made such a mess that you had to laugh, and take a video of it. There is no reason to assume that something is wrong here.


Anonn 3:55 PM

I ain't No fraud. And when I see this Video I see the father recording the precious and loving moments of his childs life. I would luv to see if Chas veshalom your kid does this how you would react. I HAVE NO DOUBT YOU WOULD BEAT THE KID!!! See how calm and lovely the dad is to the Kid, Note at the end how he tells her that we'll clean it up and then go for a ride in the car. WOULD YOU EVER BE SO CALM??? NEVER!!!!


this girl has a brain tumor!! the parents are amazing parents!! this video was taken a long time ago, and was just trying to prove to other family members how you cant leave her for even a second. these people are amazing people. please watch what you say about them. nebach! you should all be ashamed of yourselves, & hope this little girl and/or her father is mochel you! please say thilim for her: chana miriam bas breindel


this family has seen the inside of an emergency room, has lived for months in the hospital, and has been to hell and back. god forbid they should see the humor in their horrible reality and share that with friends. These people are my friends... how dare any of you judge?!?! does your child live on chemotherapy? does your child need a feeding tube? no, i bet you sit back and enjoy life just so you could criticize another on the next blog that pops up! screw you all... go kiss your children on the forehead and be glad they don't have brain tumors!!


I know this family and they are as loving to this child as can be. To their other children as well. Please stop all the unnecessary negative comments as that can only bring hardship on a fine family that seem to have suffered enough. Chanie, Rock on!!!!


I'll believe those posters that say this is a loving father and that the child has medical issues. However, when I watched the video, before reading any comments and with absolutely no foreknowledge of the family background, I wondered why a father would upload such a video for the world to see. Did he not realize that anyone who doesn't know the family situation would consider it abusive?

Never ever put something online that you wouldn't mind millions of people seeing and reading because it never disappears.


This is a private family video and does not belong here. I dont think anyone should refer to their child as "retard"


where does chaptzem get all their weird stories and videos from? this video should not have made public.Maybe this girl has come a long way from her illness and this is her father's way of showing how far she's come.


After all posts standing up for these dedicated parents and this sick girl, I think it would only be fair that the ones that have been quick to judge should come out and post their regret. It would only be fair and would maybe make g-d forgive us for being motzei shem ra and all the other beautiful stuff that comes along.

Gotta admit when your wrong


I had a weird feeling when seeing this movie, because I felt it was intrusion into privacy.

When you see the beginning of the movie, and see no comment, you would think it was posted to blame the child for her behaviour. And I think this is what made people think it was abusive.


I do not know the family however before I saw the comments I said that is one lucky kid to have such a caring father!!I will not go into all the details since I see alot was clarified however I see one issue that was brought up was not addressed. The fact that the father said retard, now everybody please be honest with yourself!!! Who does not use that comment?!?!?! Its just away of talking that everyone uses but does not mean it in the literal sense of words, for instance when you want to say how cute a kid is, you say he is nuts, and etc....


What makes people KNOW that this is abusive, is the father calling the daughter--"RETARED"


For all those that spoke negative regarding this video and had to add there filthy language why cant you say your name why go anonymous your afraid! you seem to have no problem calling the father abusive and the nebach sick child retarded. This video was leaked and was not intended to be shown to the public. This girl is nebach sick and her parents are the most amazing people. So stop adding your negative comments.




this video was sent to family and friends overseas and in other states. It was intended to be kept private... i know for a fact that the family of this girl does not even know this video is here! it sickens me that some who the family trusted would betray them like this... and look what it has brought, loshen hora, motzei shem ra, and old fashion stupidity by the bored souls of the Chaptzem Blog!! this website is an embarrassment to the jewish people and i intend to inform the halachic authorities about the chutpah of these people... i hope you sell lots of advertising off this site while you destroy ppl's lives!


It seemed to me that the father was very loving, and was doing this as a way to cope.

It also seems clear that this was intended for family only and someone posted it.

I'll bet all you people who blasted the father, had you been in his shoes would have beaten the kid instead of looking at the humor of the situation.

As for you, chaptzem, this is low, low.


Anonymous : February 11, 2009 11:06 PM: can you not read or write?!? her HAIR falls out from cancer treatment! and learn to spell and mind your own business!


Those of you commenting about the father taping this, I go through the same thing every day. My daughter too, is "retarded", and takes advantage of the situation. We don't leave her alone. We sometime do sleep, like humans tend to do, and the kid just wakes up during the night or early morning, and does what she wants to. Just like this kid in the video. None of you posters or should I say, naysayers, would ever want H-shem to test you with a kid like this. So just shut up, or better yet, try to help a family in need. You will be glad you did.


Anon, 11:06 PM

Are you that Ignorant!!!!!!!! Don't you read that the girl has CANCER!!! one of the side effects of chemo is loss of hair. And for the rest of you guys Just for the record this clip was not posted by the father........

Maybe if you would all stop being so Judgmentel, and such bad negetive people, we would have lived in a better world.


Dear Chaptzem,

I would like to point a simple fact out. You could have blurred the innocent child's face out of the video. You didn't. You violated her privacy much worse than her father did. With her face blurred out the same point would have been made, without thousands of strangers watching it.

And to all the commentators who yell out abuse, and violation of privacy, why didn't u stop watching the video right in the beginning? Why did you keep watching it until the end. Because you get a kick out of this, so does the father. You're wrong, he's wrong, and I am wrong too. We are all guilty.

I think the father made a horrible and vicious mistake, and I’m pretty sure he regrets it. And to whomever it was that “leaked” the video, GO TO HELL. A trust was placed in you, that the vid will stay “in the family”, and you betrayed that trust.

My 2 cents,

Guilty as you are


I am angry and hurt. May Hashem have rachmanus on us, show us how to fight our nefesh hab'hamis, and overcome our inclinations to stop caring, to let it all roll downhill.

To teach our children the proper path.

We are lost, Hashem, your children are so lost,

Moshiach NOW.




The parents can be the most loving parents in the WORLD. HOWEVER, language is important, and the father, regardless of his reasons, how cute he thought it was, etc.. called his daughter a RETARD. First of all, I would never, never EVER call my child that, nuts, crazy, or anything else. Children that age take sarcasm too seriously... second, let's say there is someone who uses the term nuts or crazy to refer to their child.. it's not the same as RETARD. there is a way to say things, and this is NOT it.

No, I'm not asking for mechilah, rather, I'm thanking god that my parents raised me better, and therefore, I am raising mine better. I am also grateful that I know the name of the family, because come shidduchim time, you can be sure I will double check all the names that come through.

Oh, and by the way, at this point, considering all those people who swear that they know the family, and they are so kind and loving... I am almost promise that the family knows that this video is up here... believe me, someone has I'm sure, let it slip "Accidentally". Humans, live for machlokes and I'm sure that someone here let the family know, just to get entertained out of watching them scramble for their dignity... which is long gone by the way.


Anonymous : February 12, 2009 8:13 AM - what the heck is wrong with you?!? Shiducchim?!? thats what comes to your mind?!? this child will be lucky to live another year?!? the family is quite aware of this horrible reality... and you are talking about shidduchim?!? dont be a coward.. show your name so we all know that your family has issues and ppl should stay away!! and yes, you should be asking mechila... you behavior is unexcusable... and you dont have a BRAIN TUMOR to blame it on! let me guess, when your child spills the milk you smile gently and clean it up?? or give him/her a smack?!? what if your child did this to the house... everyday! and she threw everything out of your car window while on the highway?!? or flushed your car keys down the toilet??! EVERYDAY! but no, you know better becasue you have expeirnce with cancer paitients with ADHD?!? just shut your mouth, you are embarrassing yourself


This video, IS: "Beeshis" & "Bizyionis".


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