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Neighbors of Vizhnitzer Hall in Boro-Park call down Fox 5 TV to tell their story 

Some neighbors of Vizhnitzer Hall on 53rd Street and 18th Avenue in Boro-Park have long had contentions to the Chasunah hall operating next to their home. With ongoing court cases and much pressure by those neighbors to close down the hall, Fox 5 TV was called down by those neighbors to do a story on the situation. Below are pictures of the neighbors giving an interview to Fox 5 TV.

Sent in by a Chaptzem reader


What a perfect way to make a chilul hashem


this is not "neighbors" its one steinberg and hos old bucher son that dont like the idea and they are trying to do everything to close it down all other neighbors are fine with it especially when the hall has a security guard standing there till past midnight to make sure traffoc isnt stopped and no horn blowing


What a chillul Hashem. You don't like the fact that yiddishe kinder are getting married and bringing in new generations, so MOVE. Noone is forcing anyone to stay. They already did so much to help the neighbors. You barely hear the music outside, there is a guard directing traffic so noone parks nearby and makes a lot of noise. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT??? I can't get over this huge aveirah. I hope all those kind neighbors who gave the interview will not get punished by Hashem for causing such a chillul Hashem. I'm in disbelief.


what a shame we need more Achudas


It's not "neighbors" of viznitze hall, rather just an old lonely troubled man and his 40 year old single mentally unstable son.

All they want is to have what to do with their empty time, and some attention.

The hall management offered them to buy off their house a long time ago, but they refuse. They want to bring down the whole institution, even if that means mesira, lies, genieva and damage of property.

Oh, I forgot, they also have a profound hatred toward hasidim.

I once attended a wedding of a friend, where that lunatic through a water balloon on the chassan and kallah when they came out of the hall after the chassene, missing them by mere inches...


I frequently drive past the hall and can tell you that there are people which still block the road and which honk their horn.

Basically drivers need to realize 2 things #1 you have no right to stop in middle of the road #2 if someone is stopped in front of you, you have no right to honk your horn after a certain hour.

Before opening a hall there they should have realized the gridlock it will cause.

It might be a Chilul Hashem however the bigger Chilul Hashem was the opening of hall knowing that people in boro park cant restrain themselves from not honking their horn at night.


From what I understand the "Steinbergs" moved in much earlier than vishnitz. Its nice to for all you guys to scream mesira, but I'd like to see if such a hall moves in the house next to you, how you'd react. Its nice to dump on the next guy. And if you can't understand that, well then your just not being honest with yourself.
Its nice to have one set of rules for yourself and another for someone else.


Although I don't live on that block, I can understand how some people are annoyed with all the noise and traffic problems this hall has caused, especially at night. I'm almost certain the property values on that block have gone down because of this. Many times when I have tried to go thru that street, its always congested due to the chasunahs and outdoor chupas.


If Steinberg, (who fancies himself a Rav Hamachshir!!!!!) would have more hechsherim jobs, he wouldn't have time to be busy with these shtissim.
But, then again, that is certainly not better for Klel Yisroel.
B"H Henry's Fish store on 18th & 60-61 closed up so people are Steinberg is no longer being machshil innocent people!
You should have read his 'Teudas Hechsher' hanging in the window next to the lobster!


He's got a wealthy brother-in-law that lives up the block who's bankrolling him.


As a neighbor of the hall, I would like to say "Shame on you Mr. Steinberg and shame on your son" it is a privilage to live on such a block with such zeesa kinder and such nice lebedige simchas, the area is constantly cleaned and maintained, I also know for a fact that viznitz had a private security guard and he was constantly being harrased by Steinberg and that chases away the guard, all I can say that "The grouchy unhappy creature Steinberg" causes much more pain and suffering to the neighbors then the beautiful hall that helps make chasuna for a reasonable price, THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY NEEDS THE HALL! PLEASE POST YOUR COMMENTS AND SHOW YOUR SUPPORT


lets call a spade a spade- these chasunah halls such as Ateres chaya, Ateres chynka,Ateres Avraham and so on are official school social halls. If you try building a wedding hall the city will require you to be properly zoned as well as to provide parking for the guest.
the schools have been gettinf away with it . Trust me you dont want to live on any of these blocks that have these halls


This is no surprise. I spoke to Israel Mayer Steinberg- he can;t give a straight answer regarding why he eats in places that you never see any good Orthodox Jew eating in, such as Ben's Deli, 2nd Avenue Deli and other places.


Its unbelievable how this Steinberg has the guts to go to the media and advertise his stomachache... He's never said one normal word regarding how he would resolve the issue with the hall besides closing it. Maybe Mr. Steinberg, stop fighting against Yiddisha Simchos and you might be Zoche to make a Simcha and marry off you son...!!!


מר. שטיינבערג האט א פראבלעם, ער האט נעבעך נישט ארויס וואס דאס מיינט א אידישע שמחה, זיין אלט בחור'ל זיצט אים נעבעך אינדערהיים און טרעט אים אויף די נערווען... מען דארף מתפלל זיין אז דער אלטער בחור זאל א חתן ווערן (אפשר גאר זאל די חתונה פארקומען און די וויזניצע זאל אנקעגן איבער זיין הויז) אין נאר אזוי וועט ער זיך אפלאזען פון די אלע שטותים אין נישט גורם זיין א חילול השם


I am a neighbor, and while this hall takes away from my time every single day in one way or another, Steinberg is certainly the only person fighting for this cause in such a deplorable manner.
The issur of messira does not apply only to when there is no nissayon; There is no hetter to go to the authorities under almost any circumstance. This hall is a traffic obstacle just like Chynka and Ateres Chaya, and should definitely be shut down. I would even go as far as saying that these Mosdos take advantage of the fact that almost nobody would dare stand up to them, especially not in such a way.


My issue I have with Viznits is that the school buses don't park overnight in front of the yeshiva but instead park within several block radius in front of residential houses because they need to keep the area in front of the yeshiva open for the hall. WHAT A CHUTZPAH I BELEIVE!!


While there is a need for Simcha halls, there must be a way to build them where zoning law allows such land use. Many of these halls are in zoning districts that forbid commewrcial catering establishments.

The fact that this Rabbi Steinberg specializes in giving hasgacha to establishments that no one else would, does not negate his right to protest this illegal hall.


Whats the difference if he eats lobster or keeps kosher? the real culprit is this viznitze hall-
one time I went there and a waiter was eating Mcdonalds in the kitchen
and then Lipa showed up and they have tablet k as there hasgachah and there was mixed dancing---YOU PEOPLE ARE ALL PHONIES!!


Sorry Anonymous 10:25
But this building and the CATRING HALL was all built according to law, with permits, filing, co, and recordings, they followed the rolls of building and zoning codes 100 percent. After 6 years of operating the building dept with pressure from I. Steinberg the neighbor (btw he works in the building dept for over 20 yrs……) revoked the co with an accuse that they never used before. And since then it’s in court. and because viznitz followed the law that’s why all the judges said it could still operate till the end of the hearings and that’s why NO JUDGE till now said any thing wrong about that hall they all say for the building dept, hey if u have a problem u should have said that in the beginning


Wonder what the munkatche rabbi shlit"a will do now. cause Israel Steinberg davins by him and not only that he also walks with him every shabbos on the street, when viznitz went to ask him to talk or even throw him out after he called down the FBI one time to say that viznitz is bringing in school children from other schools to cheat on their lunch program then they came down and saw that the hall was rented out for a play for another school. (What a fool) the munkatche rabbi shlit"a said there is no proof NOW U GOT PROOF what’s next?????


He must be related to Steinberg from KJ Hatzoloh. Only has the same last name and same gall.


This is a real rosho m'risha. THERE IS NO TSUVAH ON CHILUL HASH-M PERIOD...................


I am a neighbor of the Viznits Hall, and I often have difficulty parking in the neighborhood when there is a simcha there. As much as I am put off by the parking problem, I am also aware that there is a shortage of wedding and simcha halls. I was challenged by the protesting neighbor once that I signed the petition against him, and he only knew that because every single neighbor on the block signed on the side of the Hall. I will gladly accept the trouble to find parking, as long as we have more opportunities to have Yiddishe simchas. I personally find his mesira and court actions offensive.


hey, steinberg may not be going about this issue the right way perhaps-- howeverthere is no permit that any of these halls have to operate as a wedding hall at any time these permits are for a school social hall for the benefit of the students

lets be honest with ourselves- the schools use this as an income on the expense of the neighbors.
when you complain or protest they counteact by claiming you are starting up with hekdesh
I would love to see a psak that gives all these mosdos a right to what they are doing


I would love to see comments from people that live on these blocks or in the vicinity of these halls that are very happy to have the halls right near them
I am sure they love the traffic- noise -trying to find aparking space etc every night.

I am sure the neighbors will be very happy if mr Steinberg shuts down the hall


To all people criticizing Viznitzer hall, you should know that it's the only nice decent hall that has rock bottom prices! they are here to serve the community, nod to make ends meet to finance that yiddishe kinder should be able to sit and learn in chaider.

I understand some neighbors have problems with parking, but, hey, the community needs it. No body wants to live near a fish store, but every neighborhood needs it, so the ones living nearby have to bear with the smell. I can talk, because I used to live near viznitz hall, and now live near some other hall.

Now about Stienberg, he's a real rachmanus, driven by hatred, he's out to destroy this mosdos, hall, shul, and chaider. always looking for what he can go masser that viznitz is not doing right, it has costed for viznitz already a few hundred thousand dollars, if not millions, to fight him in court.

I don't know if tshuva can still help him, but, god should have mercy on him and set him straight.

It's about time the community comes out against him, and mosrim like him, who knows what harm he is still eligible to do.

p.s. His son, the old bochur used to daven in the shul in viznitz before the whole parsha started, and even after that, he left on his own, no one sent him out.


if you don't live on a block of one of these halls you have no right to comment. I live a block from Chynka and during the spring and summer we cannot sleep with the windows open due to the honking door slamming and people talking loud till all hours of the night. try it one night and you'll run for the hills


I live in boro park.Once i was leaving vishnitz and i was respectful to the neighbors and exited quietly but i guess when i started my car after 11 pm it annoyed a neighbor. he came out of his house yelling and cursing at me like a wild animal and his son wrote down my license plate number.

all he needed to do was act like a gentleman, i would have apologized for having an old station wagon with a loud motor and the drama would have ended.

but because he acted like a jerk and was condescending to me, i pulled away and then came back around the block and started honking my horn wildly.

i live a few blocks from vishnitz and i always make sure to drive out of my way to pass the hall and honk my horn wildly sometimes i do it at 2 am and this old man opens his window and throws things out the window at me.

screw him. he is an obnoxious old man.


The Chillu Hashem is the creation of a the Mossad that promotes lawlesness.Dina the malchisa Dina. No one should be obove the law.The Yeshiva's lunchroom should not be used for bussiness, unless the Yeshiva is zoned for commercial use.The Yeshiva was bulit in a residential neighborhood.
Therefore it should adhere to residential neigborhood guidelines.Yiddishe kinder should use halls that opperate legally, to promote new generation to real Torah that believes Dina de Malchisa Dina.


I also have an issue with the buses parking in front of my house I even confronted one of the russian drivers one morning & he said that I need to speak to the school as he was instructed not to park in front of the school to leave room for the hall guests!!! They should pay my alternate side parking ticket because there was no parking because these buses took up 2 car spots for each bus, just so that they can make big bucks renting out the hall !!!!! I really should start calling 311 as legally they are not allowed to park on regular street parking


Chaim W. : February 21, 2009 12:54 PM

Where did you go to yeshiva? We should all make it a point not to send our children there. What a terrible upbringing you must have had to spew such sinas chinum!


There is no question that the hall imposes terribly on the neighbors. So do all the schools buses parked all over Boro Park in front of peoples houses. But the fact is that our community lives for the sake of our kids and for making yiddishe simchos to establish future generations of kllal yisroel. You cant have it both ways. If you want a thriving community you need to provide places for the children to go to schoool and to make simchos. Some people have to suffer. But its a price well worth paying. If anyone is so bothered by it he always has the option to move somewhere else. The Steinberg has been leading this crusade for many years. it would have been much easier for him to simply move. Vishnitz was prepared to pay him a hefty sum for his house. Unfortunately it has turned into a personal crusade for him and it has gone to his head. Now he liable to do anything. Hashem protect us from him and his ilk.

Munkatche rebbe should definitely take heat for this. Before he made his shul on 47th street parking was no problem there. Now all the neighbors have to suffer because Yankel has to daven shachris at 1pm. Munkatch also ownes a lot of houses in that neighborhood that are delapidated and an eyesore for the whole community. But because you dont have a crazy Steinberg there making a fuss no one bothers him. He should have the same courtesy towards viznitz and get Steinberg off their back.


this guy has an issue because there is a freaking simcha hall next door to him that probably keeps him up to 2 in the morning every night


Does anyone remember what was there before Vishnitz? It was a Commercial building zoned commercial. People were scared to go down that block because of the hangouts that were there. So a nice Yiddishe Moisad goes gets permits builds a nice Yeshiva with a hall that can help support the Moisad and this neighbor has problems with it. And to all those commeting that they should build with parking lots, as it is most people can not afford to make chasunas. Add the parking realestate cost and no one can afford it. Most people do walk to the hall since it is local. Those that cant (live to far) have to find parking. Yes it would be nice if everyone was considerate. However when you have 400-600 people coming to a chasuna there are always a certain percentage of people who are not considerate. Does that warrant a water balloon on the Choson Kallah? Steinberg go get a life!


a) We need these wedding halls as a community. Sure it's a hardsship on those living on these blocks. It's part of the cost of living in a heimish area. If it's real bad, they can sell and move.
b) The noise is caused by the PEOPLE coming/going from these halls. they are the inconsiderate ones that make noise even though they know that they are bothering the people living there. These people are the cause of these problems.
c) Viznitz suffers from traffic of the Flatbush crowd, as 53rd is a conduit for that traffic coming to BP. So it's not only the hall that creates the traffic and noise
c) He is a "mooser", regardles of Viznitzer hall. Statements that he said in court would make you cringe.
d) Viznitz has offered to buy his house at $100,000 more than his best offer. he doesn't want to move. This issue gives this Rasha and his nebech son what to do.
e) If we close all these heimish halls - you will be driving to Long Island to make chasuna - and no one will come - Good for you.


Show your support for viznitz!!!


There are people on the block that moved because of steinberg, I live on the block and im here at night I dont have a driveway but in the many years that im here I never saw steinbergs driveway blocked, as a matter of fact he shouldnt complain because he has a driveway and has where to park,I never heard music on the street.


I was by the meeting at the local community board before the hall was opened and they requested 12 items from viznitz, and I know for a fact that all 12 items were taken care of to the fullest extend, steinberg was always looking for trouble, and is a big "laydig gayer" thats why all this is happening


I live in williamsburg near the Imperial hall, and 3 minute walking distance to continental, bais ruchel and 12 other small local halls, and it is always noisy and my kids cant sleep, and nobody dreamed of doing what this mussar steinberg is doing


Viznitzer Hall is needed by the community - Steinberg and his son are not needed.
This man does not just want the hall closed - he wants the Yeshiva and Cheder closed too.
He is a bad man, and Munkatch shouldn't be so proud of having him as a mispallel and confidant of the Rebbe. Actually, they should throw him out!


For all people who have doubts about this Stienbergs intentions, you should know, that he has a private drive way but he specially parks his car on the street so that there's less parking for other people so that there should be more congestion so he should have more honking to complain about!

And believe me, if he would be dealing with a different cassidus, such as Satmar, he wouldn't be in one peace any more! but since it's viznitz, who are scared of their Rabbi, who would severely condone any violent action taken against this animal, he is still around to be talking to Fox 5...


Munkatch is most certainly not proud to have him as a mispallel.
He is not a confidant to the Rebbe, and does not speak for Munkatch. Any statement he makes is on his own behalf and nothing else. Just take one look at him and you can clearly understand that.
On numerous occassions, they tried to get him to leave but he is like a hemorrhoid, the more you itch, the more they come. The Rebbe has pleaded with him to stop his actions but he hears what he wants to hear. Munkatch does not use violence as a way to get rid of someone, but his day is nearing. Yisroel Meir, please leave us.


Serioulsy, you are all missing the point!! Speaking Lashon Horah.... Going on and on... You know what, two wrongs don't make a right! Just because you don't agree, no matter which side you are on.. your job- to walk away... Bringing in specific "fact" about a person, does not make your point more valid... Honestly, you call yourselves Frum??? Frum means, walking away - not getting involved.. actions speak louder than words.. Be happy for those making Simchas, and be sorry for those that can't be happy for others.. But don't join their ways.. Stop speaking Lashon Horah, putting people down and wasting your time... You live in Brookly, that's your choice.. Deal with it.. You want things to be different... Behave differently. IT STARTS WITH YOU!


"Anonymous said...
Serioulsy, you are all missing the point!!
Speaking Lashon Horah.... Going on and on... You know what, two wrongs don't make a right!
your job- to walk away...
Honestly, you call yourselves Frum???
Stop speaking Lashon Horah

February 24, 2009 10:44 PM"

According to jewish law, a muser,
one who gives over another jew to the authorities, is not considered oseh maase amcha, and one is allowed to talk lashon hara on him, so are we not mechuyav to save his life when he's in danger, even more so, the gemara says that "im nufal lebor, morid ve'eino maaleh!


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