Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Now that's what you call a Chaptzem! 

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Where did thid take place?/ did they kick him where it hurts most


lol, the guys in the back took off their fur hats


looks like he was too big of a match for all 7 of them. why couldn't they get him down?


LOL!! That was great!!!!


Time shows 2 in the morning. Just wondering why men would be in shul @ 2 in the morning instead of being with their wives?? Was there an alrm? Were they neighbors?

They did a great job catching him though.


If you go to Youtube where it was originally posted, the person who posted it wrote that for the last few weeks someone kept on stealing things on friday night so they installed a camera and waited and THEY CAUGHT HIM!!


This is not the Torah way. We have to reach out & understand what would cause s/o to stoop to such desparate measures. Maybe he has a family to feed. Open a dialougue should always be the first option.


I never knew that Jews can be so vicious.


I hope he was OK. Nebach


family to feed? the people who he was stealing from have large families to feed. he used to work for the yeshiva that's in that building. the men waited up specially to catch him.


Who says he isn't a non Jewish?


To Anonymous posting that he never knew Jews could be so vicious. Please keep your covert Anti-Semitism away from here.

To poster saying its not the torah way, the guy was runing with his stolen loot, there is no other way to stop him but by holding him back physcialy, oh and if you wouldnt mind posting your address so I can pay you a visit i need some cash...thanks for understanding....LOL


My grandmother (OBM) told a story about old Williamsburg back in the 40's/50's - a local boy (not a yid) snatched a purse and the woman yelled "chaptzem!!" A mob of men came round and started looking for the boy. They found him hiding in a trash can and they beat him to within an inch of his life. It was so bad that the goluch from the boy's church demanded to speak to one of the community rabbeim (sorry don't know which one). But the rav told him that the matter was very simple- you don't snatch purses you don't get beat!

If this guy has mouths to feed there are more honorable ways to do it. There is so much assistance money in NYC it's pathetic- maybe this temporary pain (he should have a full recovery) will teach him that putting down your pride hurts less that the alternative - it's a chesed.


Maybe he's an undocumented alien who would not be able to feed mouths in a more honorable way. Thanks to all those people who hire them because they are cheap, we have plenty of those.


it serves him right the beating he got and btw for all youre it was fri night feb 20th and some of them were shomrim members and they were waiting there for him


He was arraigned and ordered deported to Mexico. They were not beating him, they were holding him down until the police came. He was trying to fight them.

This was a stakeout. They were waiting for him, as there were robberies the last few weeks.


noone seems to wonder... the chassidim's yarmulkes fell off their heads, and they didn't even pick them up! They walked off and left them behind!

Another thing: Isn't it assur to be in front of the working camera on shabbos? It makes the camera active when there is motion. So they were mechalel shabbos.
What they should've done is wait for him outside the room, and then chap him. And keep out of camera's view.


I'll bet that guy sues the yeshiva and those men for assault. Its the American way to make a quick buck with almost no risk. If he was black or Hispanic, he may also accuse them of violating his civil rights.


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