Monday, February 16, 2009


Watch the first thirty seconds as Lipa's mic doesn't work. Was it sabotage? We'll never know for sure.

The Mic just didn't work It happens get over your conspiracy theories


was this by the wedding that the mike was taken away from him


Lipa!! lipa!! lipa!! lipa!! when will the lipa madness end??!!!


Guys, You need professional help!
Stop it already!
All we hear all day is LIPA LIPA LIPA!! Yes ban, no ban!! Who cares?!
Get a life!!!


This is what R' Schorr meant by Avodah Zorah. Between you guys drooling over him and whenever he sings by a wedding there are more people around him then the Chosson and alot of them taking pictures and videos and calling their friends saying "Lipas singing" etc..


I remember playing for a wedding once, and a string broke on my guitar. Another time, a guest tripped over an amplifier, and we had to plug it back in. It must have been the rabbis.


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