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Schorr Pulling microphone from Lipa and distrupting the wedding 

Lipa singing at wedding and Schorr Pulls away the microphone from :47-1:00 then lipa says "Ehrliche Yidden zennen m"karev andere yidden" and then later on goes on to say " Ich bin yedem moichel ble'v shulem:"

Sent in by a Chaptzem reader

Next time he is speaking somewhere, Lipa should pull the mike from him..


Anyone who thinks they are being jewish by being mevazeh another person has something coming for them in shamayim (if they ever get there). These self righteous people should hang themselves. Avrohom Schorr should go get a life - he should be ashamed of himself.




weird stuff in Taliban land.


Why would someone want to disrupt a wedding like that? Sinas cheenum!!!


Lipa is a real nice kid, has a heart of gold, but with mixed up priorities. Children to be idolizing him for his wild antics, are going in a way way wrong direction. Children should be idolizing talmidei chachomim, baalei hasogoh and maasim tovim, and not a rock star with curly peios.


I was a talmud of his father ztl.
He is a disgrace to his father's memory.


hey if someone doesnt like lipa fine dont hire him leave the wedding if u dont like it. but to come and do something like that is just not right. and to the ppl who say lipa is a wrong idol fine good for u. teach your kids he is not good, still donest give a right to come to smooene wedding and do what he did


I dont know what happened there so i wont comment on the incident. but lipa was right with his statement that 'ehrliche yidden are mekarev all yiden". and I will ad that ehrliche yiden arent mevaze other yiden.


I can write the whole story of what happened but I have to leave my house so I'll write it later. but you should know that Schorr is nuts and has to be put away. this was the final straw. Lipa didn't do anything wrong and schorr acted like an animal. He is finished. This was it - we will pull him down. he is destroying klal yisroel. please. let's do this.


to: Anonymous : February 05, 2009 2:52 PM

You are right, they shouldn't idolize singers, but the problem is that they shouldnt "idolize" rabanim either. They should serve hashem, and strive to be a frumme yid. Period. And what happens when they DON'T idolize someone like Schorr? he goes wild and turns Lipa into his enemy. Is he afraid lipa is stealing his celebrity??


Please everyone it is not fair to make fun of Rabbi Schorr. He is nebach not 100% right in the head.


Please people, have rachmunes on Shor. He can't stand how Lipa is becoming more and more popular all the time, and has gained an international reputation, while he himself, who is the worlds biggest tzaddik and talmud chochom, keeps ending up a failure in everything he does. He never lasted more than a few years in any one job. Even his shul now is starting to disintegrate. The people there have finally realized that he is a hot headed nutcase. Those who have alternatives have already gone elsewhere. Even his closest people are scared that he will suddenly turn against them one day. BTW, I know that one of his kids is a secret Lipa fan. Shhhhh.


I have seen his face. It is the face of a madman. He is a talmed chuchem without daas, and a dog is better then him. He has been spit out from every yeshiva that ever had him. He is a cult builder and looking to lead thousands of cultists. But it does not take long for people to see him for what he is. A stam shote mshitaf. A wild boar who is full of himself. Always busy with the ladies. He is out of control and explodes without provacation. His children just stay away from him and his wife keeps him out of the house. Funny thing, he just started preaching sholem bayis lectures, when he is the greatest instigater of pure machlokes for no valid reason and a home wrecker. To be mvayes someone brabim is his daily act of kindness. He is stam a mental case who will one day end up in an insane asylum.


They should have hired the Gospel Hebrews from the other video.


how does anyone have the right to judge LIPA? the guy has done more for kids that most people would avoid. he took a tremendous loss last year and didnt even make a stink about it like most people would. big deal that he has "antics" not everybody need to be MBD. leave the guy alone.


My father is a member of his shul in Flatbush and was his CHUSID. Shor always tries to get his people to buy him a building and pay him to marry and support his kids. People are getting smart to him. They are all looking to go elswhere and not get stuck with his craziness. One never knows who is going to be his next KORBEN and be screamed at in public for no reason whatsoever, or just because he thinks someone is talking about him behind his back. He is just plain ridiculous. His obsession is Lipe and the women. Always busy with the women.


btw for all of you that know he is not only obsessed with women and lipa but with bachrim as well, all those yeshivas he has served as mashgiach and what not...lol


i want to be mishtatef financially if needed to bring shorr down . He belongs in taliband land not here in this free country .. Post your email if possible so i and otherscan be in touch to bring this lowlife 9RABBI) down once and for all. He must be exposed. Those that know him well know that he has stuff in his closet.


This Schorr didn't think that the store Pomegranate should be open either. He should move to Afghanistan,
they would love him there.


i heard a rumor that shorr keeps in touch with monster mondrowitz . Both are gerrorist so its no surprise


every one should forgive r'schor he is non to have big temper problems


well its a good thing Lipa inst a women who went to schorrs yeshiva. just think about that scenario.




The name goes well with him


can someone please explainn to me aht just happened?- what did dlipa do wrong for this guy to go nuts?


I think that all of you wil burn in hell for making fun of a real Talmid Chocham, and you have to ask Rabbi Shorr for forgiveness


Take it easy guys. I know rav schorr very well from his yeshivah days and I'm still close to him. He is a great talmud chochom and also has a heart of gold. He does give a tough impression but under that is a heart of gold. All these rumors about him are not true. He has a loving nice family and his wife respects him greatly.it does upset me when he acts out in public and I have asked him many times why does he do it? His answer was if I have pain that there is chilul shem shumayim he will protest and not care about his own kavod. Ofcourse we don't have to agree with, but I know he is a real emes person


Did someone say that Schor Habor should apologize? Ask Schor if he was ever wrong? He will tell you that the Shechina is talking from his throat!!! This specimen of a human piece of garbage only knows how to insult rant and rave and go balistic ALL FOR NOTHING. In the end he will be put in a straitjacket to keep himm from harming himself. He does attract the ladies with his evil looks.


I once heard that not only does he verbualy abuse people but he also uses his hands. He once physicaly hit and beat upon his landlord rabbi wallerstein, when they had some disagreement involving sharing their shuls in flatbush. who knows what he is liable in doing when he realy goes postal. mamesh a Shor-Hamiet who has to be put away in an insane asylem.


it's about time this evil vile gerrerist who dosn't stop manipulating everything around him finnaly get's exposed,and when s*** hits the fan is spread's all over


This Shorr guy will never go out of Gehenem. Mi somcho Lish. Who appointed him for anything??? I hear he does not have semicha; but knows the answer to everything! Mamish a danger to the community. I JUST HOPE THAT THOSE WHO GIVE HIM A PULPIT AND PLATFORM WILL RECONSIDER. YOU DONT NEED HIM TO PREACH. HE IS NOT AN EXAMPLE OF A LEADER OR AN EXAMPLE OF A REAL EHRLICHE YID. He is no Wolfson and others, who are a shining beacon of holiness and menshlichkeit with civility. They get more done in a eidele way than this Shor-Hamazik will ever accomplish


i personaly know of a divorce he sadly got involved with that he got a phone call from one side and then called the other side to threaten them., come on now when you look like a a@@ h@@@ and act like a a@@ h@@@ then you are a a@@ h@@@


There's a lot of anonymous and negative comments here. Are they all from the same person? How the heck can anyone tell what is going on in the video??? The video is of such poor quality it might as well be of the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, or a UFO. Was there anyone actually at the wedding who can set the facts straight???


I was not there so can't give an opinion, but the poster who claimed that R'Schorr needs mispalellim to build him a shul and support his kids is a first class liar.R'Schorr is totally not into money and is also brother in law of arguably the richest heimishe family.
Agree or don't agree fellas don't make up bs.


reminds me off tendler from seagate ...lol


I think there should be a kol
korei and insist that rav shorr
apologize to lipa in person before a minyan.
there is no excuse what he did. is
this what we teach our children to lift up their hands to another yid.
what do goyim have to say


I was in Ateres Chai over this shabos. It is unbelievable the chillel Hashem he made at that place. One russian waiter commented tha he doen't understand what this RusPutin (whats a rusputin?) deranged looking animal has against this popular entertainer who comes to Ateres Chai week after week without any bruhaha and problem. I just explained to these russians that we jews also have crazy talibans such as this meshugana.


Let us stop bashing against this person who after all is a rosh chabira of over 100 persons who hang on to his every word as if the Sechine is talking from his throat and as if given by Moshe from Sinai and believe he can say and do no wrong. He will do was HE THE OMNIPRESENT thinks is right. WE THE PUBLIC NOT A PART OF HIS CULT HAVE TO LEARN THE PROPER LESSONS. ANY SUGGESTIONS??? What should an erlicher yid do when confronted with a scene that HE believes is not to HIS liking??


FIRST: He should be boycotted and not be invited to address and preach before any assembly, especialy of impresionable children and bocherim, who will deem it proper to deal with Kenues in the manner exhibited by this SHOR-HABOR; SHOR-NAGOCH; SHOR-HAMIYET.
ALL LIPE FANS SHOULD BE MOBILIZED TO ATTEND AND DISTURB SHORS APPERANCES. Let him just stay and preach to his cult followers until they get weary of him like all others before who spit him out like the garbage he is.


This is really getting out of hand. I am sure that Shor regrets what he did; although he will never admit it; to much pride.
Maybe someone out there knows what other gedolim did when confronted with a situation which they felt they had to take a stand.
My father told me that a very great rebbe was invited to a chupa but was not satisfied with tzniyes or mechitze issues, he just picked himself up and left without making a scene.


There is a time and place for Kenues; there is a time and place for disrupting an event.
HOrr is not that person; a wedding is not the place; and Lipe is not the time and cause.
If we go by Shorrs shite, we will all end up like the warring rabbis sons; and will not stop until in will result in bloodshed, chas vchulile


Could someone point out one example that Lipe was a cause for a kid to go off the derech???
Quite the oppposite; he keeps the marginal chevre within bounds, untill after they get the wildness out of their system and then always remain true to our people.
I know of casses where his followers broght back boys to the derech hashem, thru his music.
The good Lord has a use for SHOR and for LIPE; Just Schor things that he is the only game in town and GODS chief of police. NOT SO


Shcor is simply jelous that Lipe can attract a croud of tens of thousands; sell out cd's in the tens of thousand and Avrom Shor has a die hard following of about 100 persons and cant give away his cd's. If Shor realy ment Kvod Shamayim, he would have sat down with Lipe to develope a plan whereby Lipe could use his talents as guided by Shcor. Its easy to be destructive but no so easy to be constructive.








A Behaime Gasse. The Chilul hashem schorr made is hard to fathom.


It is Rasputin; Schorr does have the EVIL eye and looks of the Russian Rasputin. These waiters at Ateres Chay could see what we don't. Schorr-Rasputin also led people to believe that they speak the voice of GOD. Both turned out to be a fraud and disaster to their religion (lehavdil)and to their people. It is up to the real chusheve rabunim to put a stop to this Schorr-Rasputin and ignore him completely. Schorr-Rasputin should be shunned by the Rabunim otherwise it will have an effect on them. Schorr-Rasputin has damaged the image of all rabunim by his brash act, totaly unbecomming a real rav and talmid chuchem. Is is up to the Rabonim to put Schorr-Rasputin in his place before the Oylem do, especialy the Lipa defenders, then things may get ugly for all rabunim.


Rumer has it that Shor is picking himself up and moving to Israel. His shul members are leaving him in droves. He might not have a shul soon, because the members never knows when he is going to be Schor's next victim of abuse, so they all refuse to buy him a shul building and he is losing the shul lease after he physicaly punched his landlord. So just leave him alone and let him go to Israel in peace.


If he does not care for his own koved, then why should the rest of us care?. It has been like this all his public life, wherever he was. This is the last straw which he just brought on to himself. His wife and children have no choice and must sit and suffer his renting and ravings. BUT WHY SHOULD THE PUBLIC? He has caused untold emotionale and financial damage to innocent people. ENOUGH OF HIM. GOOD RIDDANCE.


Harav Hagoan Reb Avrohom Schorr Shlita is 100% right. I'm sorry to say but Lipa had a big part in pulling my son away from yiddishkeit with his goyashe songs. There's nothing more that I can say.


This is the problem with Chassidim. A litveshe Gadollike Rav moshe never would have acted this way. But Chassidim get all bent out of shape for small narishkeiten and frumkeiten that have no basis in Halacha.


Anonymous said, "This is the problem with Chassidim. A litveshe Gadollike Rav moshe never would have acted this way. But Chassidim get all bent out of shape for small narishkeiten and frumkeiten that have no basis in Halacha."

Since when is Rav Shorr a Chasidishe Rebbe. He was only able to find a following in Flatbush. Are his followers CHASIDIM? I thought lutvakims are pakpid on Loshin Hora. I guess when one speaks against Chasidim it's permitted.


9:35 i hit it right on, and that's just part of being extreme


annonymos stop repeatedly posting like the whole world is on your side


Harav Hagoan Reb Avrohom Schorr Shlita is 100% right. I'm sorry to say but Lipa had a big part in pulling my son away from yiddishkeit with his goyashe songs. There's nothing more that I can say.

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You know wyour a moron right? mabey pay attention to your kid and he might not have turned out the way he did.


There is no way that lipas songs caused your son to go off the derech, none of his music would make your son go off


The destruction of two Butei Hamikdash and 2000 years of persecution in Golus and we still have not learned a damn thing about sinas chinum and gaiva. Sickening.


do the words KAMTZA AND BAR-KAMTZA sound familiar? wether lipa was right or wrong isn't germain to the issue. HA-MIVAZEH AES CHAVERO BERABIM AYIN LO CHELEK BE-OLAM HABA. ENOUGH HATRED WE NEED ACHDUS


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