Sunday, April 05, 2009

Pictures from the Boro-Park Shomrim - FDNY street fair 


As a fan of Shomrim and the good work they do I must criticize them. 13th Ave is so overloaded on Erev Pesach we do not need this in Boro Park on erev yom tov. As a member of Hatzulah i say you are creating an atmosphere where we can not get by in Boro Park. remember n an emergency seconds count, either do it on the outskirts of the neighborhood or dont do it


i guess hatzulah in bp don't support shomrim in bp. and we shouldn't go about living normal lives because someone might have a belly ache and hatzulah have to get through.


dont call yourself a fan when you are not you most probably are waiting for this to be able to give out your anger finaly you found the place and the time
now let me ask with all your critic and comments did you support them?


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