Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Rabbi Yehuda Levin speaks out against the Agudah 

someone get this man a job!!!


This great (in size) "spokesman for Torah" has been spending the past three decades attacking every Godol who doesn't agree with him (there was only one who may have agreed with him). He attacked Rav Moshe Feinstein, Rav Yaakov Kamenetzky, forged the endorsement of the Debreciner Rav who denounced him.

He's a nobody who we'd be best just ignoring.


never mind the messenger WHAT ABOUT THE MESSAGE???


what is he saying??? i have no audio at work!!


His message is that he's a greater authority than Gedolei Yisroel who set policy are.

He held that about the Gedolim 30 years ago as well.


Basically he is saying that there should be some sort of outrage from the "agudah" that claims to represent orthodox jewery toeards Toava - at least as much as there is for the vouchers - and I don't see him (here at least) attacking any Gedolim


please,please someone give this insane mental case a job,this piece of human garbage has been insulting gedolai yisroel for the last 30 years,who realy cares what this mentaly deranged and sex obssesed idiot has to say,we should take him just as seriously as we would take a drunken wino passed out on the bowery,
and by the way,this fat piece of chilul hashem believe it or not, was the campaign manager for the nazi Patrick Buchanan,when he ran for president


Looks like a Taliban video


4:00: the gedolei yisroel set policy for how to protest each issue.Levin sets his own policy. That's what he's b
een doingfor decades.


Dont get him a job... Get him something else to think about besides the homos... Why is he obsessesed about this one issue???


He is asking, "Why hasn't Aguda expressed outrage regarding the To'ayva issue?" He, I, and others want to understand Aguda policy. We want transparency and dialogue, not closed-door, back-room leadership. If the Aguda wants our support, they must earn it by explaining their actions and inactions. We don't accept that it's a sin to ask questions. I understand that many of you trust the Aguda without question, but the Aguda is going to lose the support of very many if they do not practice more openness and communication.


10:22 -- what are you insinuating?


No matter what your oppinion of the man is you cant deny the message...Why dosent Agudah protest same sex marriges? if Agudah is supposed to be for yidden where is theyre outrage??


Agudah does not protest because they get money from shelly silver who supports gay marriage


He's a godol, at least in girth!

We Yiddin are fortunate that this raving lunatic does not have any following at all. He sure likes to make videos and rant and rave.

Does anyone know what he's ever done besides the videos, praying for rain in Georgia and demonstrating outside of a Midwood home? Please enlighten me as to this chosuv rabbi's accomplishments.


WOW! That's a powerfull video - his biggest chiilul Hashem on Youtube yet. He comes across as being more foolish than in previous ones. His wife, if he has one, should rein him in immediatly. His children, if there are any, must be so embarrassed.

And what is the problem if tax accountants must serve same gender couples? What mandates that? I always thought that such professionals could refuse whatever clients they choose to refuse.


I'm in Arkansas and wonder what kind of following this Rabbi has?
Does he lead one of those sects?



He's the titular head of the Meshugah sect, which has a limited following, although some members are quite vocal.


At the agudah dinner the Novimisk made a strong statement against gay marriage and the bill.

This guy is only trying to hide his own gay tendencies when he keeps talking about this issue.


All the wise guys who mentioned how fat, unimportant, deranged, sex obsessed etc.. Levin is didn't bother explaining what they thought was illogical or invalid about the point he maid on the video. Who gives a rat's behind what or who Levin is. His point hit the nail on the head. If the Noverminsker would officiate a gay marriage (r'l) and Levin would make a video in protest, the same morons would say: "Who cares what this deranged fatso has to say? He is attacking a Godol beYisroel!!"


He may be right about the abominations, but what a poor spokesman for Yidden.

I know that he davened for rain in the south and has a website "rain over us" so maybe he's responsible for all this rain we've been having in Brooklyn.


Am I the only one here who sees a difference between loosing money for our Yeshivos, and passing a bill for same gender marriage? If the bill is passed, do we MUST have same sex marraige? or can we continue to marry the opposite sex? It's not like they are passing a bill baning oposite sex marriage! Maybe we should ban all goyim from eating pork! It's a slap in gods face!! or maybe the world series on Shabbos! that's a discrace!!

If we loose the voucher program it will cause lots of problems for all our children in Torah Moisds!

Come on Levine! get a life! just because we fight for what is importaint to us directly, dosen't mean that we approve the rest of the issues the leadership of New York is doing!

Maybe you should go back down south and stay there!!


He is stating the obvious our "leaders" today are currupted by a "system" and money. especially the ones friendly with the politicians. We all walk around 'frum' and up to the latest halacho issue, but our foundation is crumbling.


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