Tuesday, July 28, 2009


In response to Glen and Gary McCoys’s anti-Semitic, syndicated cartoon, The Flying McCoys, which appeared in yesterday’s Daily News, Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) today sent a letter to Daily News Publisher Mort Zuckerman “demanding a public apology from your newspaper for displaying this ugly cartoon.”

The Flying McCoys bills itself as a “delightfully absurd comic panel [which] takes superheroes, office humor, huggable animals and twisted relationships, blending them in a bizarre marriage of Gary Larson, The New Yorker, Conan O'Brien and Mad Magazine.”

Hikind, however, completely disagrees with this description. In his letter, Hikind wrote, “A father telling his son to, "Stand back, son. I think Rex has rabbis" with two men dressed in religious garb similar to how many Rabbis dress, including black hats, black coats, beards and side curls, standing on either side of a dog is not just demeaning, insulting and repulsive but surely smacks of anti-Semitism á la Goebbels.

Hikind, a child of Holocaust survivors continued, “The arrests last Thursday by the FBI of 44 individuals including a few rabbis are no excuse to slander the entire Jewish people. To imply that Rabbis have rabies and are therefore contagious is to indulge in the vilest type of character assassination.”


Get a sense of humor, already.

Is Hikind so dense that he doesn't even understand the comic? It doesn't say the Rabbis have rabies. It is obvious humor based upon the similarity of spelling between the two words.

Get a grip!


Oh stop. Not anti-semitic. Just a play on words. Rabbis / Rabies. Silly. I laughed.

I think we should save the anti-semitic card for times when it's legitimate.


I found the comic funny. Dov must have felt he hasn't been heard from in a while and needed to waste everyones time with a stupid press release


HIKIND-Take a chill pill

the joke is rabbis and rabies sounds alike-thats the joke. dont be a idiot
and scream anti-semitism for this.


This is a stupid complaint.

This is not an anti-semitic cartoon, IT IS A FUNNY CARTOON!

I laughed so hard, and felt not a drop of offense.

We have gone loony with this crying "Anti-Semitism" at every turn.


i agree not anti-semitic. but the comic did something in poor taste. you could not get away with a similar comic on blacks


Get over yourself Hikind, you pompous overly sensitive buffoon. You are not the mouthpiece for all Jews..


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