Friday, July 16, 2010

770 to Remain with Gaboim During Proceedings 

The longstanding legal saga concerning the management of Chabad Headquarters 770 progressed a step further when the Gaboim appealed the verdict of a lower court's ruling in favor of the plaintiffs, namely Aguch Chasidei Chabad and Merkos L'inyonei Chinuch.

The most recent ruling which rendered the Gaboim powerless and unauthorized to run 770 has been appealed once before. In that previous appeal, the Gaboim were victorious, with the judge ruling that the democratically elected Gaboim had complete authority of the Shul's management.

After a judge recently brought the defense back to step one, the attorneys of the Gaboim appealed once more.

They have six months to prepare their papers for the upcoming hearings at the Supreme Court of the State of New York.

To date, the Appeals Court issued a temporary restraining order, disallowing the practical implementation of the previous court's ruling. Such an order is protocol when an appeal is filed, until the case is ruled upon in the Appeals Court.

In a few months, the court will decide on an appropriate sum of money to serve as a security for the building.

The Gaboim reiterated their previously declared desire to have the matter brought before a Jewish court. They have urged the plaintiffs remove their claims from the civil courts which has caused an ongoing desecration of G-d's name, as well as being contrary to Halacha and Torah.


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