Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Hasid Pleads Guilty to Sodomy 

A Brooklyn man from Borough Park’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish community was sentenced Wednesday for sexual acts with an underage boy.

Moshe Spitzer was sentenced to two years in prison with 10 years post-release supervision by Kings County Supreme Court Justice Dineen Riviezzo, as part of a plea deal with the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office.

Spitzer, 26, pled guilty in May to 16 counts of sodomy in the second degree, which he was charged with for engaging in deviate sexual intercourse with a person younger than 15.

Spitzer was reportedly 20 years old when he began engaging in oral and/or anal sex with his victim, then 14 years old, in various motels and apartments.

The victim reported the abuse to a Yeshiva principal about four years later and the principal encouraged him to tell his parents, leading to this prosecution.

Defense attorney George Farkas said these were statutory charges that “don’t require coercion or force.” He said he was satisfied with the plea deal sentence.


This man belongs in jail for more than 2 years. He is a murderer lock him up and throw out the key. Kol Hakovod to the victim, parents, and principle for persuing this murderer.


Moshe himself was victimized from the age of 12 so many times by so many people that it is no wonder he turned to victimize others. His trauma distorted his sense of healthy sexuality and having no one to turn to early on he degenerated into imitating those who took advantage of him from when he was 12 years old. These are not fantastic excuses and sob stories. Anyone genuinely interested in finding out about his background will come up with the rock solid proof of those who knew him when he was still a young teen. In this case weep for the current victim and also weep for the victim turned victimizer. And weep for his wife and 2 children left to founder all alone in misery and shame, poverty and rejection....Al Eila Ani Bocheau!


Poor wife. A Tzadeikes of the greatest order. She definitely does not deserve this. Nebach. She comes from a choshuve family of bnei torah and she herself is an isha tznua v'chasuda, on the level which u don't find in America anymore. What a nisayon!!! My heart weeps for her and the children.


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