Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Hasidic Citizen Patrol Gets Bulletproof Vests 

In response to the unprecedented shooting of the community patrol group, Sen. Eric Adams (D-Brooklyn) has committed to personally donating five bulletproof vests to protect them.

The senator, who is a 22-year police veteran, said he was petrified to go on patrol without a vest.

“If they are volunteering to put themselves in harms way, at the minimum we should volunteer to give them the minimum equipment to do the job,” he said on Monday at a press conference.

Each vest will cost between $300-1,100. The senator has promised to petition government officials and private businesses and individuals to raise enough funds to purchase vests for every patrol member.

“The only barrier between the safety of our children and this criminal behavior was this organization that we are standing in front of now. And that needs to be clearly understood,” said Adams.

The community patrollers now wear vinyl vests decorated with orange reflective tape marked “BSSP Shomrim,” but they carry no weapons, not even pepper spray. Kactow, who was released quickly from the hospital after a bullet grazed his left forearm, went immediately back on patrol, said another member.

As he donned a replica of a bulletproof vest brought by the senator, he smiled and said, “I will keep it on every time. You never know what will happen.”


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