Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hasidic Jews in Crown Heights, Williamsburg 

Sean Stanton captures subway riders in striking digital photographs, while Monika Wachowiak’s photographs document the traditional aspects of Hasidic Jews from Crown Heights and Williamsburg. Empire State College graduate Eugenia D’Ambrosio crosses the line between photojournalism and art, using photography as a storytelling medium. Roberta Nelson explores moving images on her day-to-day bus commute revealing unusual architectural, social interaction or animated reflections through her camera lens.

Imani Monroe shares her reflective moments in an abstract painting representing the many nations that have come together to create this unique city within a city known as Brooklyn. And fashion designer Amanda Whitfield arranges garment silhouettes with textiles that represent landscapes and colors reminiscent of the borough.

Guest artist Daniel Durning produced a digital image and video installation that depicts two-and-a-half seconds of the blinking sign from the entrance of Coney Island’s amusement park Astroland on the last night it was open.


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