Friday, September 03, 2010

Jewish Patrol Members Shot 

Four members of a volunteer security service known as Brooklyn South Safety Patrol Shomrim are recovering from gunshot wounds, after they tried to apprehend a man who was allegedly exposing himself to children.

The incident happened before 8 p.m. Thursday along 46th Street in Borough Park.

Members of the neighborhood patrol made up of Orthodox Jews say say they were on the lookout after receiving a call about a man leering at young girls.

They gave chase after they say they spotted a man exposing himself in a car.

As they caught up with him and tried to force him to the ground, police say the man pulled out a gun and began firing.

Four men were shot, and other members were able to subdue the gunman.

"When we tackled him to the ground, he was shooting,” said BSSP Shomrim coordinator Yanke Daskal. “Then we tackled the gun out of his hand."

Police recovered a gun at the scene.

David Flores, 33, was arrested on attempted murder, assault and weapons charges. He was also wounded in the struggle.


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