Friday, October 22, 2010

Avrahom Rosenberg Candidate for New York State Senate 27th District 

While I was collecting signatures in my district many people had asked me a question, who am I? My reply was, “My Name is Avrahom Rosenberg running for State Senate for the 27th District to help my community.” Some people see my age as a disadvantage. I see my age as an advantage. I am young. I am Energetic. I don’t owe any favors. I have a fresh pair of eyes to oversee all State programs, budgets, and agencies. I am not afraid to tackle any issues. I will oversee which programs are working and which programs are not. I will try to allocate funds to the programs that are working to make them better. The programs that are not working, I will decipher them to try to make them work.

What can I do for the community? I grew up in this community. I still live in this community. I see a lot of day to day issues that I will try to tackle. I as a candidate will represent the people. I have watched year after year how corruption has destroyed our Government and Community. That is why I joined the NY uprising, and I am an official of “Hero of Reform.”

“I applaud Avrahom Rosenberg as a “Hero of Reform” for signing the three New York Uprising pledges. This year voters are counting on candidates to commit to specific reforms in advance, as Avrahom has done. I look forward to working with him to see them swiftly implemented should he be elected.” —Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch, Founder, NY Uprising

Who am I? I am a voice of the community, and I know the problems of the community. I am a role model for teenagers, I am young and energetic. I am the example that Teenagers should not have apathy; I am young and running for State Senator of the 27th district. This shows how far one can go if they have determination. I will use this determination to push forth the needs of my constituents, and community.

We cannot not only focus on the young, we must also focus on our Senior citizens. I will fight for senior citizens, and make sure senior citizens programs are taken care, for the many years of dedication to our community.

By electing me as State Senator, We will start a new era of U.S History and Government. We will be entering the era of the People, not the politician. We will be showing how the youth are the future. We all care about our children’s education. Who is better to fight for this then one who has seen this, and is affected the most by it.

We all face hard times; we all struggle to make ends meet. It’s about time we had the relief we need. This is why Avrahom Rosenberg should be your next State Senator. He has seen how, families of all dominations and affiliations, have struggled trying to but their kids through Private schools. The Government spends over $16,000 on a kid for public schooling. Shouldn’t we get School Vouchers, for at least half of that, compared to the ZERO we get now? The answer is, YES. This is why we have to elect Avrahom Rosenberg for State Senate for the 27th District.

We all have those monthly bills to pay; we all use our cities and states roads. However when we get home and get our pay check we see a big chunk taken out for taxes, which leaves us with no money to spend or save. This doesn’t only hurt us but hurts our kids, because we cannot afford their college tuition, regular school tuition, and our mortgage/rent. Avrahom Rosenberg will fight for Tax Cuts, Lower property tax and Lower the sales tax which was recently reinstated. We should not be raising taxes in tough economic times, we should be lowering it.

Avrahom Rosenberg will fight for the programs of our Elders for their many years of dedication to our community. As well as, strengthen their Medicaid/Medicare Coverage.

Avrahom Rosenberg, who is the Youngest Nominated Candidate for State Senate, is currently going to Touro College and is majoring Political Science. He is a Resident of Midwood in Brooklyn. Mr. Rosenberg cares for his community and wants to put the voices of his community back into Government. That’s why he hopes you share his same passion for his Community and Vote for Avrahom Rosenberg on November 2nd for New York State Senate 27thDistrict!

Avrahom Rosenberg’s District is comprised of Boro Park, Kensington, Midwood, Flatbush , Gravesend, Madison, Marine Park, Mill Basin, Sheepshead Bay, Manhattan Beach and Brighton Beach.

The Future is Now and the Best is Yet to Come!

What a moron. He stole most of that speech, especially the intro, word for word, from Avraham Tishler, the kid who ran for the city council. These kids need to grow up....genug shoin!


Avrahom Tishler and Avrahom Rosenberg wrote this speech together, Sncerly Avrahom Rosenberg's Publicist


Avrahom Tishler is Avrahom Rosenberg Campaign manager,they wrote it together Sincerely Avrahom Rosenberg's publicist


Do they keep recycling the same (horrible) speech? This speech was the laughing stock of the debate...and is now turning Rosenberg's campaign into a total joke.

And it's really sad if a publicist signs his comments anonymously or with serious spelling or grammatical errors.


Intelligent Voter


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