Friday, October 15, 2010

Carl Paladino ... the 'hug me' candidate 

To most New Yorkers, Carl P. Paladino is best known for his mouth, from which erupt the fiery language and provocative ideas and opinions that have characterized his campaign for governor of New York.

But to those who encounter Mr. Paladino in the flesh, he is quickly becoming famous for something else: his hug.

At a rally in Buffalo last week, Mr. Paladino, the Republican candidate, grappled with the broad shoulders of the former football star Thurman Thomas. At a luncheon in Boonville on Wednesday, Mr. Paladino ran into a middle-aged woman who had turned up to cheer him on. He enveloped her in a grateful embrace. “Wow, you’re a real hugger,” she said.


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