Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rabbi sues neighbors over access to river 

A $2.25 million Hudson River property bought for the New Square grand rabbi's solitude has become the subject of legal action contesting the use of a 155-foot swath of land providing neighbors access to the river.

The response to the lawsuit by the rabbi's followers goes into their failed illegal transfer of the property to a New Square-based congregation to avoid paying $198,000 in property taxes on the rabbi's retreat house.

The legal action also includes claims from one neighbor that his property value is being diminished by buses and cars loaded with the rabbi's followers who come to the house during the day and night, blocking a private road and access to the river.

The legal action by Menucha of Nyack LLC centers on blocking two neighbors from paving over a 10-foot-wide swath of lawn on Menucha's property and giving them access to the river.

Menucha purchased the property, which is less than 1 acre with a single-family home, in 2006 for Grand Rabbi David Twersky's retreat residence.

Menucha paid $2.25 million, raised by a London-based donor for the Hasidic community, and then spent nearly $1 million renovating the run-down house, adding landscaping and a ceremonial bath called a mikvah.

The two neighbors, businessman Greg Fisher and real estate attorney C. Robert Clemensen, argue an existing easement allows them to use the 155-foot long, 10-foot-wide strip of land along Menucha's property to access the river.

Fisher said he bought the property in 2005 to tear down an existing house and build a new one, but the actions of the rabbi and his followers have blocked his plans and diminished the value of his property. He said he has lost tenants due to noise and lack of privacy.

"I refuse to be pushed out of a neighborhood that I have spent 30 years living in," Fisher said, adding that he pays a heavy tax bill. "Upper Nyack is my home. The rabbi has moved in next door to the wrong person."

Menucha has responded that it owns the 10-foot-wide swath to the river and the neighbors have no rights of access.


Please go after the Rabbi and his followers. I am Jewish but not in their eyes. While he lives in a 2.5 million mansion his followers live in poverty!
It is disgusting to see, they must be stopped!

Thank you..............!


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