Monday, November 01, 2010

Clinton calling for Hall in Kiryas Joel 

There have been lots of reports this weekend about pushes with the ultra-Orthodox community of Kiryas Joel - which helped provide Democratic Rep. John Hall with half of his margin of win over then-GOP incumbent Sue Kelly in 2006.

The village votes in a bloc, based on the decision of its leaders, which makes it important. This time, it's Hall on the ropes against Republican newbie Nan Hayworth, and both sides have surrogates making calls.

On Hall's behalf in the last few days was Bill Clinton, who was put on the phone with the mayor of Kiryas Joel after Bronx Rep. Eliot Engel made a connection between the two. Clinton asked the mayor to please consider backing Hall in the race tomorrow.

According to one source, the mayor was cool to the ask. Another source disputed that and said the mayor said he'd consider it.

However, multiple sources say the mayor is leaning toward backing Hayworth, an endorsement that would be a coup for her.

UPDATE: As several readers have noted, KJ is split into two factions, and one is with Hall already. While the village does indeed vote in a bloc, it's technically in two - the two Satmar faction blocs.


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