Friday, December 03, 2010

Eruv Proposal Sends Villages Scrambling for Legal Advice 

A proposal by the East End Eruv Association to create an Eruv boundary around parts of Southampton, Quogue and Westhampton Beach has forced local municipalities to seek legal aid.

The Village of Westhampton Beach has scheduled a meeting with its lawyers this week to discuss the proposal that has many local up in arms.

"We have contacted our attorney to ensure that our rights are protected," said Westhampton Beach Mayor Conrad Teller.

Teller said that while there has been no formal proposal for an Eruv filed with the village, he set up the meeting after learning last month that the East End Eruv Association gained approval from the Long Island Power Authority and Verizon to use their poles for a thin wire boundary that would create a symbolic Eruv for practicing Orthodox Jews.

The Eruv, according to the Jewish Orthodox religion, allows Torah-observant Jews to carry their keys and push strollers on the Sabbath.

"From my understanding, they need to have government approval for this proposal," said Teller.

This is not the first time Teller has seen a proposal like this.

A similar proposal was put forth by Rabbi Marc Schneier of the Hampton Synagogue in 2008, but was pulled after the application quickly became a sore point in the community, inciting an outpouring of outrage.

It is unclear if Rabbi Schneier is part of the latest effort. A woman answering the phone at his synagogue, said it is unlikely he will comment on the situation.

Schneier did not return phone calls as of press time.

However, Arnold Scheiffer, who runs heads up the Jewish People Opposed to Eruv organization, says he believes the Hampton Synagogue is behind the latest Eruv plan.

"This Eruv is for the benefit of the very few. It is an attempt by the synagogue to raise their revenues. It is for their own personal gain," said Scheiffer,

Scheiffer, a Jew, who has lived in Quogue for 34 years and Westhampton Beach for 17 years, said the Eruv will attract Orthodox Jews to the area just as a similar Eruv did in Lawrence, NY.

"Lawrence was once a vibrant community. Now, it is mostly orthodox. Schools have shut down and property values were destroyed," said Scheiffer.

Scheiffer says he has been fighting the idea of an Eruv for years and said he will continue to do so.


Lawrence was once a vibrant community. Now, it is mostly orthodox. Schools have shut down and property values were destroyed," said Scheiffer
hmm now that its so orthodox, it lost its vibrancy, and land values went down. I think if you take a stroll down Cederhurst Ave, and call some RE agents you'll see that it is quite the opposite.
only a self loathing jew can utter such hatred, and get away with it. Its been proven time and time again that the orthodox jews RAISE property value.. mostly to their own detriment but to the benefit of the sellers.


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