Saturday, February 05, 2011

Teacher, rabbi discrimination case settled 

A tentative settlement has been reached in the case of a veteran teacher and local rabbi who sued the Edison School District claiming discrimination on the basis of religion, age, gender and hostile work environment.

Bruce Neal alleged in May 2009 that former Orangewood Elementary School Principal Mark Holmes "intentionally and unlawfully harassed, discriminated and retaliated against him" between 1999 and 2008.

Details on the settlement were not disclosed.

“It was negotiated in good faith,” said Jacob Weisberg, Neal’s attorney. “It was satisfactory to all sides.”

The settlement details must be approved by the board of the school district’s insurance provider. This could take about a month.

Weisberg said Neal would not comment on the settlement.

Neal is an ordained Orthodox rabbi and second-grade teacher. Neal complained he was forced to remove his yarmulke, criticized for his diet and religious clothing and subjected to negative comments from co-workers about his being Jewish.

Holmes resigned from the district in January 2008, shortly after receiving a Notice of Unprofessional Conduct letter, and was informed the Edison school board would investigate his actions.

A trial was scheduled for June 7, 2011. Edison’s attorney, Leonard Herr, who could not be reached by press time Friday, said last month they hoped the case would be resolved as soon as possible.


What did he do with the money? He was presenting himself as being a very very religious person who was wronged by a school system...truth is that he could turn on and off his devoutness and was not as very religious in deeds as he wanted others to believe. So wht did he do with the money?


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