Tuesday, June 28, 2011


After a year-long battle with the New York City Department of Transportation, Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) declared victory today on behalf of the community with the announcement that the pedestrian islands along Fort Hamilton Parkway will be removed. Hikind, a vociferous critic of the islands, had long been advocating for the removal of the medians because they impede the work of ambulance crews rushing to Maimonides Medical Center, firefighters, and sanitation personnel, and have negatively impacted business owners and local residents.

At a Community Board 12 meeting scheduled for tonight, Brooklyn Borough Commissioner of Transportation Joseph Palmieri will confirm that the two pedestrian islands on Fort Hamilton Parkway at 46th and 47th Streets will be removed in their entirety, while half of the median at 45th Street is also slated for removal. Additionally, the “no left turn” signage will be taken down, and more than a dozen parking spaces which had been eliminated to accommodate FDNY rigs will be restored.

“This is a true victory for the people of this community,” an ecstatic Hikind said. “This is a prime example of what can be achieved against all odds.”

Hikind heaped praise on DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan and DOT Brooklyn Borough Commissioner Joseph Palmieri for “doing the right thing.” “It takes real courage for someone to reconsider their position – especially in government,” noted Hikind. “Both Commissioners Sadik-Khan and Palmieri have my personal gratitude and that of the whole community for their willingness to correct a dangerous situation.”

Hikind also thanked Rabbi Sol Handler; Rabbi Chaim Israel; Mr. Lazer Rosman of Hatzolah; and all the residents and merchants who lent their support in calling for the removal of the islands.

The medians are expected to be removed by the end of the summer.

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