Monday, June 20, 2011

KJ police liaison is a former state police commander 

Former State Police Superintendent Preston Felton has been working for the Village of Kiryas Joel for months, serving as the Hasidic community’s liaison with local and state police agencies.

The late State Police Sgt. Warner Hein had held a similar post acting as state liaison to KJ until his untimely passing two years ago.

Felton, who served as State Police superintendent under former Governor David Patterson, was asked to be the village’s first paid liaison.

“When they came to me and asked me to consider taking part in a role similar to Warner’s, I absolutely said yes because most of the leadership of Kiryas Joel I’ve had a good relationship with over the last almost 28 years,” he said. “I think I can offer a lot to the community there.”

Felton has been in his new part-time post for some eight months.


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