Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Orthodox Jewish Officer Who Arrested Bronx ADA For DUI Says He Was Punished 

Friends and colleagues of the NYPD officer who busted Bronx ADA Jennifer Troiano for DUI last August claim that he was unfairly punished for making the arrest. In January, Elliot Zinstein, one of a handful of Orthodox Jews on the force, was transferred from the 44th precinct in the Bronx to the 94th precinct in Greenpoint because according to his superiors "the neighborhood needed more Jewish cops."

But given that the Jewish population is much higher in nearby Williamsburg and he was the only cop transferred out of the Bronx, Officer Zinstein didn't buy that explanation. "He was doing his job," a colleague tells the Daily News, "He's a good cop. He's made a lot of arrests and has no disciplinary record."

Troiano's arrest was a source of embarrassment for the city and DA Robert Johnson given the massive ticket-fixing probe that continues to ensare officers and taint the their testimony in courtrooms across the city. At the time of her arrest Troiano told Zinstein to call the chief of narcotics in the Bronx, Nestor Ferreiro, saying, "He'll take care of this. He took care of it last time." Troiano has since been transferred to the Appeals Bureau.

Officer Zinstein complained to Internal Affairs last month that he was unhappy with the transfer, and later "he was told to figure out where he wants to work." Zinstein and the NYPD are refusing to comment on his treatment.


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