Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Art Kibbutz NYC Organizes First-Ever Elul Shofar FlashMob 

Art Kibbutz NYC announces a unique global project at the nexus of sound, spirit and technology.

On September 18th, the organization will host the greatest Shofar-blowing event since Sinai, a worldwide art performance that takes the Jewish tradition of sounding the Shofar daily during the Hebrew month of Elul (which precedes the Jewish High Holidays) and gives it a 21st century, postmodern twist.
Join a large group of artists and creative volunteers on September 18th who will blow the Shofar together at designated public spaces around the world for two minutes as a call for teshuvah (spiritual return). This is the first-ever FlashMob utilizing a Shofar. Each participating location will be synchronized with other FlashMob locations, globally.

This spiritual public art event will be documented and incorporated into a Rosh Hashana electronic greeting card, orchestrated by a composer. At press time, world-class musicians and artists are starting to join the project, so check the website (http://shofarflashmob.weebly.com) for new developments daily.

Traditionally a ram's horn, the Shofar was used in Biblical times for many purposes, including announcing the new moon (thus the new month), to herald the commencement of the festivals and in battle. Today the Shofar is sounded at times of Jewish celebration such as Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) and during the holiest day of Yom Kippur.

The Shofar FlashMob is the first project of Art Kibbutz NYC. Founded this year by author and impresario Patricia Eszter Margit, Art Kibbutz NYC aims to be the home for stimulating, promoting and producing diverse, innovative, and pluralistic Jewish expression by creating an intentional community of talented international artists "As our mission is to celebrate the 21st century Jewish experience -- connecting one community with another, creating a glorious and multifaceted global cultural tapestry -- I cannot think of a more exciting first event than a worldwide Shofar FlashMob."

By bringing together different cultural contexts, the Shofar FlashMob provides the public and the artists with the chance to learn how to sound the Shofar as well as to ponder its very nature, she adds.

"What is the Shofar? Is it a musical instrument? A ritual object? A siren? A tool for creation? G-d's sound on Sinai? A relic from ancient times? All of these above?"

András Böröcz, artistic director of the project adds, "the Shofar FlashMob also explores the places this primal tool could occupy in our contemporary, urban environment. Is it going to be funny, irritating, cool, spiritual, absurd, critical or deeply communal when hundreds blast their horns in a modernistic milieu?"

Art Kibbutz NYC's Shofar FlashMob will take place on Sunday, September 18th. The central site is Manhattan's Lincoln Center at 2:30 PM sharp. From this location, the participants will form a Shofar procession up Broadway to the JCC in Manhattan, at the corner of Amsterdam Avenue and 76th Street where programs will commence at 3:30...all related to the Shofar.

The September 18th event is just one component of the project, whose spiritual director is Rabbi Greg Wall of the Sixth Street Synagogue, Hasidic New Wave and other bands. Rabbi Wall is posting teachings about the month of Elul from an artistic and spiritual perspective via the project website, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook. The Elul Shofar FlashMob Twitter teachings are meant as an interactive function. Anyone is free to add their teachings and artwork by using the markers #ShofarFlashMob and @ArtKibbutzNY.

For further information about Art Kibbutz NYCs Elul Shofar FlashMob, to participate or to suggest a location, please visit http://shofarflashmob.weebly.com.

There are specific instructions if you wish to participate in the 2:30 Shofar Flash Mob at Lincoln Center or at 3:30pm at the JCC in Manhattan so please visit http://shofarflashmob.weebly.com. In addition to Manhattan, there are various other sites around New York City...as well as globally, including Budapest, Tbilisi, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oregon, Antwerp, Chicago, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Read more: http://broadwayworld.com/article/Art-Kibbutz-NYC-Organizes-First-Ever-Elul-Shofar-FlashMob-918-20110912#ixzz1XquvkZvM

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