Saturday, September 17, 2011

Palestinians hack Jewish 'Facebook' site 

FaceGlat, an ultra-Orthodox alternative to Facebook that separates between male and female profiles, was hacked on Saturday by a group calling themselves, “Challenges HackerS”.

The site, normally frequented by Haredi Jews who do not wish to be tempted by the voyeurism of Facebook, now calls to “free Palestine”. The hackers wrote that if they could change the domain they would, but for now they are telling “the owner of this site that am gonna get this PC soon or later,” adding, “Palestine is the best of the best.”

The group pledged to never stop hacking “until you stop killing our brothers and sisters and mother in Palestine,” warning that “the day is coming.”

The hackers, who claim to be from Jordan, posted a picture of a hand making the peace sign on the site, signing it M17 Hacker, DrZero Hacker and Sn!peR Hacker.


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