Monday, September 12, 2011

Vandals destroy Jewish star in Poland 

Vandals have destroyed a Jewish memorial in eastern Poland by rearranging bushes that formed the Jewish Star of David into a swastika, police said Monday.
The incident was the latest in a series of attacks on local minority sites.
Unknown suspects destroyed the memorial on the site of a former Jewish cemetery in Bialystok, said police spokesman Andrzej Baranowski. Video footage showed torn bushes from the Star of David that had been rearranged to form a swastika in the centre of the monument.
Earlier this month, vandals destroyed a monument to victims of the Jedwabne pogrom against Jews by covering it with swastikas and racist slogans.
Other recent attacks in the region have targeted the Muslim and Lithuanian communities.
Unknown suspects attacked an Islamic Cultural Centre in Bialystock in August, damaging the entrance and setting fire to the bathroom.
In another incident, vandals painted over Lithuanian names on street signs with the red and white colors of the Polish flag in the village of Punsk, near the Lithuanian border.

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