Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Child Sustains Head Injury After Allegedly Jumping Off Kiddie Ride On Coney Island 

An ambulance was called to the Deno's Wonder Wheel amusement park around 4 p.m. today after a small child was injured on a kiddie ride. The extent of the child's injuries are unclear; the FDNY and NYPD would not comment on the incident, but one initial report said that the child had "serious head injuries" with multiple fractures. Dennis Vourderis, the park's owner, downplayed the incident when we called the park for more.
"All I can tell you is a small child, maybe 2-3 years old, jumped off one of the kiddie rides," Vourderis tells us. "He panicked and jumped out of a ride called the Pony Carts, which has been in the park for decades. It's nothing serious; he cut his head but he's going to be okay." Vouerderis did not know what hospital the child was taken to, but he did say that the injured toddler was visiting with a group of Orthodox Jews enjoying the park during the Sukkoth holiday. We'll update when we know more.

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