Saturday, November 12, 2011

SAT cheating scandal spreads to Yeshiva 

As the cheating scandal widens in Nassau County, sources now tell Eyewitness News there are two former students at a Yeshiva who are suspected of paying someone else to take their SAT's.

The principal at North Shore Hebrew Academy refused Eyewitness News' requests for an interview.

But sources confirm that one student who graduated 2 years ago actually boosted his overall score by 270 points the second time the test was offered.

One former student at the school who legitimately took the test is frustrated, to say the least.

"It's definitely an upsetting thing to hear," said David Ben Lolo, a graduate of North Shore Hebrew Academy.

Already, six other students from Great Neck North High School have been arrested after they were accused of paying a former student thousands of dollars to take their tests.

The DA says there could be more than two dozen others charged from a total five different schools as the investigation continues.

Some say they are not surprised.

"The competition is unbelievable to get into these schools, and desperate people, desperate measures," said Ally Nass, a parent.

But can the cheating be stopped?

Perhaps if students had to take the tests in their own schools on a weekday.

It's something the educational testing service is trying to do right now in several districts.

"School day SAT testing, however, requires a significant commitment by the entire school community, (even greater than the commitment required for weekend testing) and may not be an option in every school," said the ETS.

Parents in Nassau County are continuing to struggle with a scandal that's growing.

"I hope morally, my kids don't do something like that, that they're willing to put forth the effort and study, as hard as they possibly can, to succeed," said Jill Surielow, a Great Neck parent.


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