Friday, December 23, 2011

Matisyahu Apologises For Breaking Photographer's Camera 

Jewish reggae star Matisyahu has apologised to a photographer for breaking her camera during a New York concert on Wednesday night (21Dec11), confessing he "reacted impulsively out of frustration".

The King Without a Crown rapper was partway through his performance at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn when he became frustrated with Paper magazine snapper Rachel Smeyne for constantly taking his picture.

Smeyne alleges the star booted her camera out of her hand, telling Rolling Stone, "It was a slow kick but when someone's foot lands on your face deliberately, a kick is how I describe it."

Addressing the incident on his Twitter.com page, a regretful Matisyahu writes to Smeyne, "Sorry about last night. I totally snapped. I wouldn't call it a kick, more like stepping into the crowd. And being that you've shot so many shows you should know how distracting a huge flash in your face is. Seemed like you were there everywhere I turned with that flash. Next time, be more sensitive to the performer."

And, in an additional statement to Paper magazine, he adds, "I regret what transpired when I tried to remove the camera from the photographer's hands last night. As an artist on stage, it is very distracting and disorienting to have a camera flashing in your face for an extended period of time. I reacted impulsively out of frustration and for that I apologize."


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