Tuesday, March 20, 2012

French school killer may have filmed shootings 

The French interior minister says that a gunman who killed four
people at a Jewish school in southern France may have filmed the attack.

Claude Gueant says that the attacker "was wearing on his bloody
chest a kind of filming apparatus." Asked whether the gunman recorded
the scene, Gueant responded, "We can imagine that."

He said Tuesday authorities are combing the Internet to see if
the killer posted a video online, but have not yet found any traces.

Gueant was speaking in the city of Toulouse, where an
unidentified assailant opened fire at a Jewish school Monday, killing a
rabbi and his two sons and the daughter of the school principal.

Authorities say the same weapon was used in killings of three French paratroopers last week.

The motive for the killings is unclear.


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