Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rabbi wins settlement over maiming at slaughterhouse 

A North Texas rabbi whose right arm was nearly severed in a 2010 industrial accident at a Fort Worth slaughterhouse during the processing of kosher beef has won an undisclosed settlement, his attorney said Friday.

Rabbi Peretz Avram Shapiro, a Dallas resident and member of the Chabad, an outreach program of Judaism's orthodox Hasidic Lubavitch movement, had been hired by Alle Processing of Maspeth, N.Y. to oversee production of kosher meats. Alle had contracted with Beltex, operator of a former horse slaughter plant on Fort Worth's north side, which also does business as Frontier Meats and processes cattle, ostrich and wild boar.

Both companies settled with Shapiro, who had his arm reattached after being airlifted to Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas but remains permanently maimed, his attorney, Charla G. Aldous, said in a news release.

While hospitalized and under heavy medication, a representative of Alle urged the rabbi to sign a document that identified him as a company employee, not an independent contractor.

Aldous maintains that Alle was seeking to avoid huge costs by having Shapiro covered by workers compensation insurance as an employee.

The lawsuit alleged that Alle was negligent by giving Shapiro no training for his work at the Beltex plant as a mashgiach, a rabbi who oversees the packing process for kosher meat.

"While Rabbi Shapiro was standing where he was told to stand on the slaughterhouse floor, a machine behind him caught and crushed his right arm," his amended petition said. "It took several minutes to get the machine to release Rabbi Shapiro's arm that crush almost to the point of amputation above the elbow."

In its response, Alle said Shapiro was negligent and directly responsible for his own injuries by failing to exercise prudent care and caution. Moreover, the New York company said an unidentified person, who was not a party to the suit, also bore responsibility.


How does ALLE hire a Lubavitcher ?!?


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