Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ramapo residents file suit against state for splitting the town in State Assembly redistricting 

A group of Ramapo Town residents has filed a complaint in US
District Court seeking to have the State Assembly redistricting of the
town tossed.

The town has been split into three separate Assembly districts for the last 10 years with one of those districts encompassing the
Hasidic villages of Kaser and New Square. Under the new plan, there
would still be three separate districts, but the two villages would be

The proposed intervener plaintiff, Yitzchok Ullman, a resident of the Village of Kaser, notes his village would be in one district and New Square would be in another.
Ullman charges in the complaint that the district boundaries were drawn "based on religious considerations."

The suit seeks the districts to be declared invalid and seeks an order directing the special redistricting master to propose new
Assembly lines.


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