Friday, April 20, 2012

The Back Story on the Kensington Fire Property Owners 

Michael, Yechiel, and Nahman Lichtenstein, owners of the Buck Warehouse
in Kensington where a recent fire occurred that resulted in the death of two fireman, are Gur Hasidim, a Hasidic Jewish group, from Brooklyn,
New York. 

Ruth Lichtenstein, wife of Nahman, is the publisher of
Hamodia, the English version of a newspaper for very religious Jews. The
first Hamodia was published 100 years ago in Eastern Europe while
the Hebrew version has been published in Israel since 1950. The tagline
of Hamodia is the daily newspaper for Torah Jewry. 

whose paper has a website plus print circulation of 160, 000, is a
regular stop for New York politicians seeking the support of the Orthodox
community. Mayor Bloomberg, who had a policy during the last mayoral
election of not giving interviews to any paper that did not endorse him,
still met with Hamodia.

Hamodia, which means the informer in Hebrew,
is often the only way to reach this bloc of active voters since religious
Jews are discouraged from watching television and using the internet to
avoid seeing forbidden images like women. Lichtenstein takes the
religious prohibition of Jewish men to not view pictures of women
seriously. Her paper has never printed a picture of Hilary Clinton even
though they report on her frequently. 

The receptionist at Hamodia,
while confirming that Ruth was married to Nahman, would not comment on
Nahman Lichtenstein's business. She said, "I work for the paper not the
Lichtenstein's personally."

Some in the Orthodox community are
already agitating that she steps down as publisher due to the allegations
against her husband.


I'm not sure what one has to do with another. It is refreshing to see a heimishe viable with some professionalism. That she can command such a publication in the chareidi world today. Kudos to her and Hamodia. However I wish they would do less on Lakewood. As for the scandal, the fireman died from a heart attack, not the nature of the fire. So if it wasn't that building it would have been another responding. It is still a shame that he died regardless but it isn't like there was an arson issue. Fires happen. Just don't let anyone from the Jewishress get their grubby hands on Hamodia.


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