Tuesday, May 01, 2012


After 19 years without change in leadership, Community Board 12 voted in Mr. Yidel Perlstein as new chairman on March 27th. Perlstein, the first Hasidic Jew to be voted into this position, won 60 percent of the board's vote. The board serves 200,000 residents of Borough Park, Midwood, Kensington and Dahill in matters and issues pertaining to the city government.

"Yidel Perlstein is a true leader who has the vision, passion and commitment that this community board needs," said Councilman David Greenfield. "I am thrilled that history was made last night in Borough Park with a Hasidic Jew elected to lead this important body, and that the democratic process was allowed to play out. My thanks to former chair Alan Dubrow for his years of dedicated service, and to all the board members for their volunteer work on behalf of the community. The time was right for new leadership, and I'm confident Mr. Perlstein will help the board move forward in a unified manner."

The vote was nearly aborted when the previous chairman raised a bylaw that would invalidate Perlstein's eligibility to run. However, Councilman Greenfield, an ex-officio board member, spoke out against the Chair's ruling and cited the city corporation counsel's determination that the board may vote to override the chair's determination. As a result, the board voted to approve Mr. Perlstein's candidacy and then proceeded with the election, which Mr. Perlstein soundly won.
"I was pleased that democracy prevailed last night and the board was able to have a fair and open election for community board chair," Greenfield added. "I look forward to continuing to work with the entire board membership on important issues impacting the community. When working effectively, community boards, along with local council members, truly should serve as the go-to place for residents as they attempt to navigate city agencies and bureaucracy."


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