Monday, June 18, 2012

B’klyn Hasid temple a $in-agogue: FBI 

In an unholy conspiracy, the bank accounts of the main temple in Borough Park's Bobov Hasidic community were used as a secret conduit for big-time money-laundering, newly released FBI documents allege.

Convicted con man and religious rat Solomon Dwek told the feds in 2006 that Congregation Shaarei Zion was "used to launder a lot of cash," FBI records show.
Dwek said the cash was passed through businessman Chaskie Rosenberg, who made headlines in 2003 when he sued MetLife after the company fired him.

"An internal review disclosed Mr. Rosenberg appeared to have violated company policies and procedures involving speculative insurance sales and possible accessory to money-laundering violations," Dwek told agents.

Dwek was the key player in New Jersey's biggest political-corruption case ever — a case that helped launch the political career of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, the state's top federal lawman at the time.

Dwek rolled over to save himself from a possible 30-year prison sentence after he was arrested on a $50 million bank fraud.
Dwek, a real-estate swindler, ratted out 15 Orthodox Jews — five rabbis among them.


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