Monday, June 25, 2012

Mount Sinai retains kosher kitchen 

Mount Sinai has recently received questions about our decision to provide patients with kosher food supplied by the well-established COR-supervised catering services in our community. The Jewish community, which has played such a vital role in the founding and continued leadership of our great hospital, should feel absolutely and unequivocally confident that the high standards of kashrut will continue to be met at Mount Sinai Hospital. Both the Kashruth Council of Canada and I have been engaged in this new approach of providing kosher meals.

Contrary to inaccurate information in the community, Mount Sinai will maintain its kosher kitchen facility for the distribution of catered and sealed trays and, when needed, the Kashruth Council has committed to us that they will provide a mashgiach. Mount Sinai's commitment to the Jewish community is total and complete. We provide additional services such as a Shabbat elevator, a sukkah, Minchah services and more. I know the board, the CEO and the whole Mount Sinai community are committed to quality and maintaining and meeting these and other needs of the Jewish community.


you probably should put in the headline that this is talking about Mount Sinai IN Toronto not the one in NYC


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