Saturday, July 21, 2012

Police kill rampaging goat in Monsey 

Town police were forced to kill a goat Saturday after the animal got loose from its owner and began knocking into numerous women and children, police said.

Ramapo police responded to the area of 46 Brewer Road about 6:30 p.m. Saturday after receiving reports that the animal was causing problems for the people in the neighborhood, officials said.

Officers witnessed the animal knock into several people walking on the street and attempted to control it, police said.

When the owner of the goat was contacted, he refused to assist officers in securing the animal, police said.

After several more attempts to control the animal failed, officers, to eliminate the potential risk to the neighborhood people, were forced to shoot the animal, police said.

Police said the goat’s owner had refused to assist in controlling the animal because of religious beliefs that prevent him from engaging in such activity during Sabbath.

No serious injuries were reported as a result of the incident and police said that as of this evening, no one had been charged with any wrongdoing.


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