Friday, July 20, 2012

Pro-Vito Satmar Sect Counters Rival Faction’s ‘Distorted’ Claims on Velázquez/Dilan Race 

A few weeks back, The Politicker posted a press release from a Satmar faction in Williamsburg in which they claimed the results of the race between Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez and her challenger, Councilman Erik Dilan, in the June 26th Democratic primary showed their influence was growing. Mr. Dilan, although unsuccessful, was supported by Brooklyn Democratic boss Vito Lopez, a close ally of the larger of the two Hasidic groups in Williamsburg, both of which have functioned as impressively solid voting blocs for and against whichever candidate was supported by Mr. Lopez in recent years. However, the smaller faction, the Aroynem, felt they had overperformed and enlisted the help of George Arzt Communications to argue their point.

The larger faction, the Zaloynim, decided not to take that sitting down, however, and apparently hired Sheinkopf LTD to send out their own press release today contesting the Aroynem analysis.

"The facts speak for themselves," Zaloynim Rabbi Abe Deutsch said in the statement. "Those that would seek to say that our vote has been weakened are dealing in myths, and illusions. The numbers being thrown about are distorted for personal and political gain with no basis in fact. It's easy for the dissidents to concoct pie in the sky fantasies before the final numbers are in, now it's time for them to come back to earth and face the reality of the numbers."


like the "leader" in Monsey who will boycott the Siyum HaShas to further his own political agenda, WE have to sit in Galus due to the sinas Chinam of the "Holy Congretaionists". I say throw them all into Cherem and let Moshiach come. They can stay here.


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