Sunday, September 09, 2012

Ultra-orthodox Jewish mother wins right to send children to mainstream school 

The man attempted to obtain a court order which would have barred his wife from sending their “very bright” children to more mainstream Jewish schools where he feared they would lose contact with the traditions and community in which they had been brought up.

He objected to the prospect of his daughters being sent to a mixed-gender school and to his children having unrestricted access to television, cinema, "certain newspapers", the internet and social networking sites, the court heard.

During their 10-year marriage, which ended two years ago, the couple observed the traditions the conservative Chareidi Jewish community in London.

Their observances precluded them switching on a light, catching a bus or making a phone call on the Sabbath.

But after studying for an Open University masters degree, the mother has forged her own career and wants her children to have the schooling she says she never had.

Eleanor Platt QC, representing the father, told the court that he was deeply concerned that his former wife would lead his children away from their community and denigrate his lifestyle in their eyes.

She said that the children are thriving at their current schools and moving them away from the lifestyle would cause emotional harm by separating them from friends they had known all their lives, who might in turn be forbidden from associating with them.

Miss Platt added that the mother now lives a long walk away from the nearest synagogue, a serious problem in traditons in which even use of a pushchair is forbidden on the Sabbath.

But the mother told the court that educating the children at an ordinary Jewish school would give them "infinitely superior opportunities".

The Appeal Court judges rejected the father's application for a joint residency order and for the mother to be refused permission to move the children to new schools.

Lord Justice Maurice Kay, Lord Justice Munby and Sir Stephen Sedley will give detailed reasons for their decision at a later date.


To my dear brothers and sisters of Am Yisroel

Pack you bags and save yourself NOW-before its too late-& head to Eretz Yisroel, soon it wont be safe anywhere but Israel will still be safer then the rest of the world.

We are living in Moshiach’s times the world as we know it is almost over, we are soon going to be in great danger.
Start packing your bags and get ready leave as soon as you can.

Do you remember when major events occurred once a century, then once a decade? Then, they started occurring every year – first 911, 2004 Asian Tsunami; 2005 Hurricane Katrina; 2006 Second Lebanon War; 2008 Economic Crash, etc.
Then, things changed.
Time speeded up. In 2010, there were massive earthquakes in Haiti and then Chile (which was also accompanied by a tsunami), as well as the volcanic eruptions in Iceland which interrupted air travel across Europe. Then, there was the explosion and resulting oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. And that was followed by massive fires and a killing heat wave across Russia, look what’s happening in Syria so much blood shed etc. HOW MANY GEDOLIM LEFT US THIS YEAR? there were TWO tornadoes in New York at the same time over Shabbat, where even one is a rarity. And then, I saw that many articles (Google it) on the earthquakes in China were reporting them as “TWINS:” 81 Dead in Twin China Quakes And suddenly, I recalled that Hurricane Isaac made landfall TWICE at New Orleans! all of the above and much more are the results of Hashem preparing us and the world for the Geulah, which we hope is around the corner.

Sweet New Year to All of Klall Yisroel.


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