Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Monsey Parents Beef Up Security Against Trespassers Near School 

Sick and tired of trespassers near Grandview Elementary School in Monsey, some parents have started their own patrol.

They say security is their primary concern.

There are close to 20 registered sex offenders near East Ramapo schools.

The Journal News reported that parents warned dozens of pedestrians taking a shortcut by the school yesterday.

Most of those taking the shortcut were from the Orthodox and Hasidic Jewish communities and they typically walk from place to place in that neighborhood, and have no choice but to walk on holidays, such as the current one – Sukkot. Observant Jews can’t use buses or cars on holidays or the sabbath.

The Journal News also reported there was some tension including one man accusing the parents of being anti-Semitic. Some allege that they are using concerns about sex offenders to go after the trespassers.

This could potentially be another flash-point in a district with a history of budget and policy disagreements. The religious and secular neighbors don’t always see eye to eye.


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