Thursday, November 29, 2012

Accused Hasidic perv twist 

The explosive sexual-abuse trial of a Hasidic leader got even more heated yesterday when the defendant was accused of trying to intimidate his alleged victim — in the courthouse.

Nechemya Weberman, 54, accused of sexually abusing the girl starting when she was 12 years old, allegedly stared her down through the glass door of a Brooklyn Supreme Court conference room, law-enforcement sources and a victim's advocate said.

His alleged victim, now a married 17-year-old, was composing herself in the conference room with her husband during a break in her testimony when Weberman appeared outside the glass, said Rabbi Yakov Horowitz, a family friend of the victim.

"He gave her an angry, threatening look and wouldn't leave," said Horowitz.

"She jumped up and said, 'Get out of here!' When I came in, her hands were shaking."

Law-enforcement sources confirmed that the alleged intimidation was reported to the court.

A defense attorney for Weberman said it never happened.

"We can't control any alleged complaints. I'll only say that it's pure, unadulterated bulls--t," said defense attorney George Farkas.

The pretty blond teen testified under cross-examination yesterday about the sexual abuse she allegedly suffered at a business run by her father and Weberman, a Satmar leader.

The business produced a phone directory of Orthodox doctors and specialists.

The teen testified that Weberman would lock her into a small room in the business offices and sexually abuse her, even while others were working in the offices outside, including her sister. 


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