Saturday, November 17, 2012

Twitter called anti-Semitic after suspending Orthodox Jew's accounts 

Controversial cartoon depicting the Obama office stabbing the Israeli nation in the back (@RealGazaPeace via Twitter)

Violent threats like "Death to Jews"? Fine. But a political cartoon criticizing the U.S. for stabbing Israel in the back? That’s grounds for suspension. At least that's the message provoking ire and getting Twitter accused of anti-Semitism after the social media giant abruptly suspended three accounts belonging to an Orthodox Jew. Twenty-five-year-old Benjamin Reisman had tweeted an anti-Obama cartoon showing Israel being stabbed in the back earlier this week. Though Twitter reps have not confirmed why the action was taken, the anger today appears to be stemming from the fact that anti-Israeli groups like Hamas and others have tweeted violent threats (like "Death to Jews," noted above) without similar repercussions.


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